2017 The Student's Vocation: Human Identity and the Call to Holiness"

Invited Speakers:

Sarah Swafford: "Emotional Virtue for a Drama-Free Life

Emily Sullivan: "Mary Queen of Scholars: How the Life of Our Lady Illuminates the Student's Vocation

Margaret Laracy: "Flourishing as a Student: The Pursuit of Unity

Suzy Younger: "Restoring the Feminine Heart"

Megan Harrington: "Save the "Date":Restoring the Rules of Engagement

Leonard DeLorenzo: "The Saints and Student Life: Singularity of Focus and Generosity of Spirit"

Jennifer Martin: "The Mystery of The Charity of Edith Stein: Being and Beings in Communion"

Sr. Faustina Maria Pia , SV: "Prayer: An Encounter with Life Himself"

Fr. Vince Huber, AIL: "Vocational Discernment"

Timothy O'Malley: "Pornography and the Medicine of Marriage: An Historical and Theological Examination"

Caitlin Dwyer & Christina Dehan: "Living Intentionally: With or Without 'Ring by Spring'"

Fr. John Ignatius, SCJ: "Merry Before the Lord: Partying, Sanctity, and Christian Culture"

Submitted Papers:

Maya Lewis: "The Heart in Education: Dietrich Von Hildebrand's Conception of Affect and Stratford Caldecott's Philosophy of Education"

Weronika Janczuk: "The Place of Heart in Integral Human Formation"

Ryan Kerr: "The Education of Christ and C.S. Lewis' Transposition"

Tony Oleck: "'C'oeuvre de la r├ęsurrection': Christian Education in the Theology of Blessed Basil Moreau, CSC"

Jacob Terneus: "Cicero's Rector, the Teacher-Guide, and the Education of Souls"

Robert Wyllie: "Is the Student a Political Vocation?"

Jillian Langford: "The True Purpose of Liberal Art's Education"

Monica Loesel: "The Theology of Waiting: A Student's Call to Waste Time"

Thomas Wheeler: "I Ain't Afraid of No Monsters (I'm Afraid of God)"

Hannah Graves, Dominici Schola Servitti: "An Examination of the Holistic Pedagogy of St. Benedict"

Donald Wallenfang: "From Phenomenology to Mount Carmel: Contemplative Influences of Stein's Philosophy of Education"

Carolyn DeSalvo: "Edith Stein's Path to Sanctity as Understood by Analogy with the Masculine and Feminine"