2016 Free Love: The Liberating Power of Charity


Catherine Pakaluk: "Love, Liberty, and Dependence"

Michael Bradley: "Same-Sex Marriage and Personal Vocation"

Emily Sullivan: "Motherhood: Freedom to Flourish?"

Laura Hollis: "Science and Morality in an Era of Legality"

Fr. Robert Carroll: "The Saint, The Cross, The Eucharist"

Matt Walsh: "The Truth about Gender"

Morgan Bennett: "The Trauma of Pornography: When Abuse Defines Us"

Monica Gabriel: "The Big Lie of the Hookup Culture and How It's Keeping Us From Finding True Love"

Josh Bathon: "Mary's Heart, Martha's Work: The Apostolic Contemplative"

Carter Snead: "The Problem of Persons: Public Bioethics and Contending Moral Anthropologies"

Suzy Younger: "Life-Giving Love: True Sexual Freedom"

Gerard Bradley, Vincent Muñoz, and Daniel Philpott: "Religious Freedom"

Justin Petrisek: "The Pope's Favorite Authors: Using Literature as a Bridge from Beauty to Authentic Freedom"

Teresa Hodgins: "Chesterton, Theology of the Body, and the Freeing Fence of Love"

Jacob Terneus: "Receptive Women: What Milton's Eve Teaches Man about Submission"

Amanda Tindall: "Transcendent Beauty: The Freeing Power of Charity in Brideshead Revisited"

Charlie Ducey: "How Edith Stein Repairs Feeble Portrayals of Love in Popular Media"

Colin Devine: "Small Decisions, Courage, and the Importance of Poetic Imagination: Allan Bloom, GK Chesterton, and Shakespeare"

Timothy Kirchoff: "Pride vs. Shame or Pride vs. Humility? LGBTQ Identity and the Moral Theology of Thomas Aquinas"

Kelly Gallagher: "Freedom, Happiness and Culture: How Our Definition of Freedom Grounds Our Understanding of Happiness and Shapes our Culture"

Chris McCaffery: "Is the World a Problem?: The Freedom of the Christian in America"

Amelia Ruggaber: "The Princess: If Machiavelli Had a Little Sister"

Eileen Gallagher: "The Family: An Impediment to Equal Opportunity"

Caitlin Shaughnessy Dwyer: "Critiquing Lean In: Is work-family balance possible for women or is that even the right question?"

Ryan Kerr: "What Does it Mean to Freely Love?"

Donald Wallenfang: "Edith Stein's Science of the Cross as Icon of Erotic Freedom"

James Walsh: "The Charity of Edith Stein: Spiritual and Secular Love"