2008 Redefining Feminism


Dawn Eden: "The Thrill of the Chaste"

Dr. Philip Mango: "The Real Deal About Women and The Real Deal About Men"

Caroline Murphy: "Eating Disorders"

Dr. Walter Schu: "Theology of the Body"

Fr. Martin Connon: "Blessed are the Pure in Spirit"

Annie Duna, Monica Korson, Paul Nistler, Andy Sherwood, and Catherine Twetten: "Vocations"

Caitlin (Shaughnessy) Dwyer: "Marriage, Motherhood, and Work"

Meghan Lueck: "The Cost of Objectification"

Dr. Charles Grove: "Sex and the Vatican City" 

Amelia Ruggaber: "Modern Eve and Sexual Healing"

Sr. Ann Astell: "Seeking Sanctuary: Virginia Woolf's "A Room of One's Own"; and Edith Stein's Carmel" 

Kelly Florek: "Natural Family Planning & The Creighton Model"

Gerald Korson: "Fatherhood"

Barbara Nicolosi: "Hollywood and Effects of Sexual Revolution"

Fred & Lisa Everett: "Complementarity and Morality in Marriage"

Ruth Lasseter: "Mind and Imagination in Authentic Feminine Wholeness"

Sr. Mary Angelica: "Feminine Nature and Feminine Virtue"