2006 Redefining Feminism


Cynthia Mahmood: "Why Does the World Hate Women? New Questions, New Answers"

Mica Cayton: "The Law and Female Migrant Labor: A Focus on Filipina Domestic Workers:

Mary Ann Doughton: "Women in Latin America"

Alex Jech: "Dead and Deadly: Cultural Pornographization and the Imago Dei"

Rebekah Scaperlanda: "Art or Porn? How the Media Distorts Our Image of the Human Body"

Claire Kerner: "Proceed to Checkout: Exploring the Harmful"

Caitlin Shaughnessy: "Social Implications of Contraception"

Janet Bettcher

Amy McInerny: "The Abortion Choice: Rhetoric vs. Reality"

Patricia Falvey: "Rape and the Road Back to Dignity: One Woman’s Story"

Linda Baechle

Alasdair MacIntyre: "Edith Stein"

Erica Bove: "Filling the Void: The Spiritual Dimensions of Eating Disorders"

Deirdre McQuade

Sr. Marie Morgan: "Bride on the Cross: Transformed in Love According to Edith Stein"

Michael Scaperlanda: "Honoring your Wife in Marriage: Interpreting Ephesians 5"

Fr. John Coughlin, OFM

Catherine Ruth Pakaluk: :Life as Mother and Student: Exploring the Mind and Heart of a Harvard PhD Candidate"

Dr. Josef Seifert: "Karol Wojtyla’s Philosophy of Love and Self-Donation as Vocation of Spousal Love and the Complimentarity of Man and Woman"

Gabriella Corica: "Promoting the Dignity of the Human Person in International Policy"

Laura Garcia, PhD: "Mary: Model for the Working Woman?”

Bishop D'Arcy