2012 Encountering Vulnerability

See videos of speakers from the 2012 conference HERE

Sarah Borden Sharkey: "Human Strength and Weakness: Edith Stein's Life at the Hand of the Lord"

Vicki Thorn: "The Biology of the Theology of the Body"

Fr. Wilson Miscamble, C.S.C.: "Love Conquers Fear - Or Does It Really? Fear, Vulnerability and the Christian Life"

Elizabeth R. Kirk: "An Exchange of Gifts: Embracing Vulnerability & Celebrating Adoption"

Gary Anderson: "Marriage and the Book of Ruth"

Sr. Ann Astell: "Sheltering and Vulnerable-the Carmel of Edith Stein's Experience"

Caroline Murphy Lashutka: Give Us This Day, Our Daily Bread: Real Healing and Hope in the Struggle with Eating Disorders

Fr. Anthony Giambrone, O.P.: "'I Will Boast in My Weakness': St. Paul and the Discovery of Christian Glory"

Kelly Hanson: "Hyper-Vulnerabilty and Hypo-Vulnerability: Disordered Female Orientations, Empathetic Friendship, and Jane Austen's Heroines"

Erika Bachiochi: "Women, Sexual Asymmetry and Catholic Teaching: How the Church Beats Secular Feminists at their Own Game"

David O'Connor: "Socrates in Gethsemane: Philosophy and the Vulnerable Man"

Kathryn Lopez: "The New Sexual Revolution"

Amelia Ruggaber: "Girard, GaGa, and Gandhi: Redefining Sexual Violence and Transforming Vulnerablity"

Jon Van Epp: "Using the Relationship Attachment Model to Build Secure Relationships"

Fr. Nathan Cromly, CSJ: "Consumed by Mercy: Mary Magdalene and the Christian Witness"

Anamaria Scaperlanda-Ruiz: "How to Have 'Safe' Sex"

Emily Matich: "Women and Public Policy"

Ashley Crouch: "Beauty and Vulnerability"