2009 Love: What Hurts and What Works


Dr. Phil Mango, PhD.: "The Neurological and Psychological Contributions to Love and Marriage Preparation Before You Are Engaged"

Fr. Sam Martin: "Love: What Hurts and What Works?"

Dr. Tim Allen Gardener: "Authentic Relationships"

Dr. Daniel McInerny: "Lost in the Junoverse"

Dr. Janet Smith: "Hormones 'R' Us: How Contraception Affects Our Relationships and Health and What Does the Church Teach About Homosexuality?"

Ms. Kate Sweeney

Dr. Gary Anderson: "The Concept of Family in the Book of Ruth"

Dr. David Fagerberg: "Sacramentality of Marriage: Source and Summit"

Sister Terese Auer, O.P.: "Returning Love for Love"

Fr. Joe Carey, C.S.C.: "Real Men"

Sr. Prudence Allen R.S.M.: "The Passion of Edith Stein"

Caroline Lashutka: "No Chicken Soup for the Soul"

Dr. Sarah Borden: "Retrieving Aristotle for Feminist Purposes"

Catherine Ruth Pakaluk: "Life as a Mother and Student"

Bernard Klinkhammer: "Balancing Work and Family Life in a Hectic World"

Bishop D'Arcy: "Love and Vocation"

Fr. Martin Connor: "'Blessed are the Pure in Spirit:' The World, Youth, and the Search for the Sacred"

Dr. Lawrence Cunningham: "Deus Caritas Est"

Amelia Ruggaber: "Violence Against Women: Hurt, Healing, and Hope for a Better Future"

Caitlin Dwyer: "Bound to be Free: Finding Happiness through a Committed Life in a World of Endless Options"

Madeleine Ryland

Natassia Kwan: "Genuine Beauty and the Hook-Up Culture and Behind Closed Doors: Domestic Violence in the U.S. Past, Present, and Hope for a Better Future"

JoAnna Roman: "Dietrich Von Hildebrand on Love"

Amy Kleczynski: "Sex and Abstinence: The Perfect Couple"

Patrick Tighe: "Pornography Hurts: How to Heal the Wounds"

Nathaniel Campbell: "Divine Love as both Creative and Rational: The Theophany of Caritas in Hildegard of Bingen’s Liber Divinorum Operum"

Tim Latham: "Real Men"

Theresa Schortgen: "The Creighton Model: Discovering What Every Woman Has the Right to Know"

Victor Saenz: "Dostoevsky: The Grand Inquisitor and Contraception"

Nathan Loyd: "Genuine Beauty and the Hook-Up Culture"

Mark Skylling

Jim Redden

Michael Bohnert

Melissa Buddie

Katie Michel