2011 Irreplaceable You: Vocation, Identity and the Pursuit of Happiness

See videos of speakers from the 2011 conference HERE


Professor Gerard Bradley: “Personal Vocation: Jesus Calls Upon Each One of Us for Help”

Fr. Wilson Miscamble, C.S.C.: “Discerning One’s Call in the Contemporary University: One Priest’s Rambling Reflections on Happiness, Mission, Meaning and What Really Matters”

John and Monica Sikorski: "The Theology of the Body within Marriage"

Dr. Eric Sims, Dr. Jill Sims, and Bobby Rauch: “Defending Sexuality: Battling the Culture of Pornography”

Wendy Shalit: “Authentic Femininity in the 21st Century”

Leonard DeLorenzo: "Vocation and Transformation: Learning How and What to Love"

Dr. Jeffery Langan: "Vocation in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings"

Dr. John Cavadini: "'Become What You Are!': the Universal Call to Holiness"

Bishop Emeritus John D'Arcy

Jennifer Lahl: Eggsploitation

Katherine Whalen: “Standing Beside Mary Below The Cross: How Edith Stein Calls Contemporary Women to Defend the Sanctity of Life”

Sister Elinor Gardner, O.P.: “‘I will seek Him whom my heart loves’ (Song 3.2): On Woman and Being Called”

Emily Bisssonnette: “A Suffering Culture in Need of Suffering: The Witness of Suffering as Integral to the Vocation and Sacrament of Marriage”

Rebecca Krier: “Spiritual Vocation: Edith Stein and Ignatius of Loyola in Dialogue”

Nathaniel Peters: “Bernard of Clairvaux for the Rest of Us: Activity, Contemplation, and Vocation”

Donald L. Wallenfang: “Awaken, O Spirit: The Vocation of Becoming in the Work of Edith Stein”

Lillian Civantos: “Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Emily Dickinson, and the Art of Circumstance”

Pauline Marie Smith: “The Geography of Vocation”

Dawn Eden: "The Thrill of the Chaste"

Fr. Neil Roy, PhD, STL: “Vocation and the Sacramental Life”

Michele Chronister: "God's Grace is Enough for Us: The Work of Grace in an Individual's Vocation"

Sr. Jane Dominic Laurel, OP: Religious Life

Danielle Rose: “Who is the saint that is just you?”

Dr. David O’Connor: “She may be my wife: How A Real Man Looks at Women”

Natassia Kwan: "Domestic Violence in the U.S.: Past, Present, and Hope for a Better Future”

Michael Bohnert: "Aging Planet: The Overpopulation Myth"

Lisa Everett: “Natural Family Planning and the Pursuit of Happiness in Marriage”

Dr. Gilbert Meilaender: "The Infinite Horizon of Vocation"

Dr. David Fagerberg: "Our Vocation in the Face of Death: Living the Resurrection”

Sr. Jane Dominic Laurel, OP: “Edith Stein and the Wisdom of Experience: The Masculine and Feminine Vocations to Love”

Dr. Catherine Pakaluk: "Being Mary in a Martha World: Edith Stein on What Women Want"

Caitlin Dwyer and Anamaria Scaparlanda-Ruiz: “ We R Who We R: Finding Yourself Apart from Drinking and Hookups”

Dorothy Cummings McLean: “Waiting for Your Marching Orders: Staying Sane while Single”

Sr. M. Benedicta Duna: “Spiritual Childhood as a Path to Spiritual Motherhood"