2010 No Man is An Island: Creature, Culture and Community


Ann W. Astell: “Empathizing with God’s Point of View: Edith Stein’s Ethical Empathy and Robert Gordon’s Hierarchy of Empathetic Forms”

Michael Bohnert: “Power of Community – The Fr. Jim Karaffa Business Academy for Women”

Bishop Emeritus John D’Arcy: “Human Relationships and Pastoral Care”

Sister M. Benedicta Duna and Sister Margaret Mary Mitchel: “Burning yet Unconsumed: The Paradox of Virginal Motherhood”

Caitlyn Dwyer, Caroline Lashutka, and Anamaría Scaperlanda-Ruiz: “Let’s Get Physical, Metaphysical: An Integrated Understanding on the Pill, Jello Shots, and Eating Disorders”

Dr. Keith Egan: “Edith Stein: A Woman of Wisdom Whose Time Has Come”

Lisa Everett: “NFP vs. Contraception: What’s the Big Deal?”

Lisa Folkerth: “Feminist and Feminine: Edith Stein's Teachings on the Nature of Women”

Brian J. Gail: “How to Be a Father in a Fatherless World”

Jenn Giroux: “The Counter Cultural Comeback of Large Families: Picture the Possibilities”

Joe Gleason: Almost Evening

Mother Dolores Hart, O.S.B.: “From Movies to the Monastery: Vocation as Expansion of the Heart”

Matthew Holbreich; Carly O’Connor, Andrew Prevot: “Masculine and Feminine Virtue”

Natassia Kwan: “When Push Comes to Shove: Victimization and Vulnerability in Abusive Relationships”

Eileen Love: “The Woodstock Monologues: Lessons Learned about Life, Relationships, and the Real Meaning of Love”

Dr. Adrian Reimers: “John Paul II: Love and the Body”

Dr. Jane Rodeheffer: “On Spiritual Maternity: Edith Stein’s Search for the Soul of Woman in European Literature”

Dr. David Schindler: “Life, Family, and Integral Human Development: The Anthropological Unity of Caritas in Veritate”

Adam Sims: “Simone Weil on Attention”

Melinda Selmys: “Homosexuality and Identity”

Dr. Kevin Schmiesing: “The Economy Needs Ethics: A Brief History of Christian Economics”

Dr. Gloria Zúñiga y Postigo: “The Middle Point Between iPods and Facebook: Lessons in Community and Value from Edith Stein”