2017 Edith Stein Project Conference

2017 Edith Stein Project Conference:
The Student's Vocation: Human Identity and the Path to Sanctity

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Edith Stein writes that “women and men are given a common goal of education as human beings: ‘You are to be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.’ This educational goal stands in visible [form] before our eyes in the person of Jesus Christ. To become His likeness is everyone’s goal.” It is necessary, then, in order to pursue the goal of achieving sanctity, that all men and women receive a formation that fosters their identity as beloved sons and daughters of God.

Though this formation is a lifelong process, the four years of college are a particularly unique and important time. Independence is gained, responsibilities assumed. Students encounter and choose between  a myriad of new ideas, experiences, and opportunities; they begin asking questions regarding their personal vocations within the larger community and pursuing the natural desire to love and be loved.  The culture of the college campus, however, often presents many challenges which obscure the path towards this goal. In particular, the pervasive hookup culture causes young men and women to doubt their inherent dignity and the result is too often distraction, emotional brokenness, and suffering.

In order to flourish and simultaneously overcome the obstacles that they encounter on campuses, college students are called to seek a holistic education through which they deepen their personal relationship with God and discover the truth and beauty of their identity as His children. Such an education directs itself not only at this inner formation but also prompts students to an outward expression of that growth. Edith Stein tells us that “human nature is geared not only toward receiving but also toward acting by giving shape to the external world [and] for this reason an essential part of the educational process is the activation of one’s practical and creative capacities.” Thus students must be encouraged to cultivate their unique, God-given talents and to make them manifest through acts of charity within the community. It is through this twofold process of self-discovery and self-giving that the human person pursues that ultimate goal of becoming the likeness of Jesus Christ.

We invite you to join our discussion on “The Student’s Vocation: Human Identity and the Path to Sanctity” for the twelfth annual Edith Stein Project. This conference will be held on February 10-11, 2017 at McKenna Hall on the University of Notre Dame campus. We hope that our conference will be intellectually engaging, an opportunity for fellowship and a source of healing. Please join us!

Please submit abstracts for paper presentations to idnd@nd.edu by 12/31/16 for consideration.

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