2018 Edith Stein Project Conference

2018 Edith Stein Project Conference:
Even Unto Death: Embracing the Love of the Cross

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“Faith in the Crucified -- a living faith joined to loving surrender -- is for us an entrance into life and the beginning of future glory,” writes Edith Stein in her book The Science of the Cross. Here, Edith, otherwise known as St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, invites us to the place of our ultimate flourishing and, therefore, leads us to the Cross. While this union with the Crucified Christ is one that notably involves suffering, it is in this sacrifice that true love is to be found.

Through the Cross, Christ triumphantly displays to the world the greatest example of Love. “Walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.” In this letter of St. Paul to the Ephesians, he reveals that Love is ultimately a gift -- a free, vulnerable, and unlimited gift of self. Mistakenly, the culture of the present day has attempted to divorce Love from its root of sacrificial giving. This emaciated love seeks to receive rather than to offer, prefers pleasure to sacrifice, desires satisfaction of self over others, and refuses vulnerability in its attempt to avoid hurt. This privation is easily found in the hookup culture, which decimates college campuses and threatens to leave only a wasteland of lost souls unable to truly love.

In this environment, so often suffering from the lack of truly loving relationships, it often appears as if there is no hope. Yet Edith Stein invites us to contemplate the Cross, where the fullness of life is found despite all brokenness. She calls us to return to this authentic love saying, “One cannot desire freedom from the Cross, when one is especially chosen for the Cross.” For we do not run away from and abandon the cross of living in a culture such as the one we are in now, but rather we take up the cross of this time and work on carrying it through the night into the light of the presence of God. By embracing our individual crosses, we turn to receive the embrace of Christ crucified, and so find healing in His authentic, self-giving love. With Him we discover the life within the deep beauty of the Cross, which is the life of Love itself.

We invite you to join our discussion on “Even Unto Death: Embracing the Love of the Cross” for the thirteenth annual Edith Stein Project. This conference will be held on February 16-17, 2018 at McKenna Hall on the University of Notre Dame campus. Participants in the 2018 Edith Stein Project will be able to reflect on the Cross as the true way of love that offers healing in our broken lives and hope for our future relationships, and so imitate the sacrificial love of Christ crucified. Our conference aims to be intellectually engaging, an opportunity for fellowship, and a source of healing. We also welcome submissions of abstracts for paper presentations. Please join us!

Your Conference Co-Chairs,

Molly Weiner & Katherine Smith

Please submit abstracts for paper presentations to idnd@nd.edu by 12/31/17 for consideration.

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