2013 Modern Beauty: Unveiling the Mystery

See videos of speakers from the 2013 conference HERE


Margaret Laracy
: "Beauty, Healing, and Human Flourishing"

Kara Eschbach, Ashley Crouch, and Janet Sahm
: "Verily: Redefining the Woman’s Magazine"

Lawrence Cunningham: "Discerning Beauty: Reflections on Saint Francis of Assisi"

Sr. Jane Dominic Laurel, OP: "The Gift of Femininity"

Suzy Younger: "Unveiling the Mystery of Fertility: Embracing True Sexual Beauty"

Colleen Carroll Campbell: "Edith Stein and the Feminine Genius"

Carly O’Connor: "Women's Captivating Beauty"

Sandra Laguerta:

Diana Takouhi Kilarjian: "Proclaiming Woman's Vocation to Beauty: A Call to Glory!"

Ron Belgau, Christopher Damian, Joshua Gonnerman, and Jacob Torbeck: "Beauty and Desire: Philosophical Perspectives from Plato to Edith Stein"

Erin Stoyell-Mulholland: "Beauty, Innocence, and Sexual Assault"

Lindsay Marugg: "Finding True Beauty"

Rebecca Roden
: "Picture Imperfect: An account of how an average girl had an average battle with body image"

Matthew Scott Vest: "Beauty Will Save the Soul: Education as Theanthropic Formation"

Sean McPherson: "Tangled up in Beauty; a True Fairytale"

Melissa M. Chastain: "The Essence of Beauty: Offered by Edith Stein’s Finite and Eternal Being"

Anthony Patti: "The Philosophy of Mystical Beauty"

Patrick Deneen: "Contemplative Fatherhood"

Catherine Pakaluk: "Motherhood and Graduate School: Some Thoughts on the Feminine"

 Lisa Cotter: "Why Do Women Do That?

Tim O’Malley
: "Beauty and the Sacramental Life"

Mark Houck: "Is it possible to find the woman of my dreams?"

Dawn Eden
: "Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints"

Carmen Helena Tellez: "The Mystery of the Sacred in the Secular-The Case of Modern Art Music"

Msgr. Michael Heintz: "The Nuptial Nature of the Spiritual Life"

Kate Wicker: "Made in Heaven"

Keith Egan: "Edith Stein on Goodness, Truth, and Beauty