2014 Relationships and the Call to Love


Alasdair MacIntyre: "Edith Stein on Empathy"

Octavia Ratiu, Mary Rose Somarriba, and Stephen Wandor: "The Effects of Pornography: Sex Trafficking. Arrested Development, and Personal Testimony

Adrian Reimers: "Edith Stein and John Paul II on the Genius of Woman"

Ron Belgau: "Created in Love: Parenthood and the Call to Friendship"

Gina Loehr: "The Legacy of Mulieris Dignitatem"

Suzy Younger: "Marriage and Motherhood: A Call to Sanctifying Love"

Keith Egan: "Edith Stein as a Carmelite"

Donna Freitas: "The Call to Love: A Distant but Persistent Vocation within Hookup Culture on College Campuses"

Sr. Claire Sokol: "Where Two or Three are Gathered"

Msgr. Michael Heintz: "Living the Mystery: Fr. Louis Bouyer on the Spiritual Life"

Elise Italiano: "Edith Stein and the Single Life: A Practical Philosophy for Living Love"

Catherine Pakaluk: "Pregnancy as the Archetype of Femininity: Spirituality of the Tabernacle"

Fr. Terry Ehrman, C.S.C.: "Cor ad Cor Loquitur (Heart Speaks to Heart): Climbing the Heights of Personhood and Relationality in the Sacred Heart of Jesus"

Hugh Hunt: "Edith Stein's Letters to Roman Ingarden: a Model for Friendship

Michael Bradley: "Erotic Love: What it is, and what it is not"

Robert Elliot: "The Gratuity of Love"

Eric DeMeuse: "Person, Relation, & the Resurrection of the Body"

Robert Garcia: "Irreplaceably Unique Creatures: Love and the Individuation of Substance"

Melissa Chastain: "Relationships & Knowing: The Religious Philosophy of Edith Stein"

Chase Cloutier: "The Role of Affectivity in Love"

Catherine Seiwert: "Marriage and the Cross"

Samantha Schroeder: "Lovers of Wisdom, Lovers of God: Personalist Phenomenology and the Nature of Love"

Edwina Maksym: "Relationality, Ethics of Care, and Gift of Self"

Anne Costa: "WOMAN: Know Thyself: Forming women and girls in the context of their unique relational genius"

Sandra Laguerta: "The 'Noble Vocation' of Woman: Love and Friendship in Alice von Hildebrand"

Sarah Sheehan: "In the Desert I pursued her: Healing of the Heart on Expedition"

Elizabeth Pillari: "Cultivating the Interior Life through the Russian Practice of Poustinia"

Evan Ponton: "Brothers, Not Others: Edith Stein on Seminary Community and Formation"