2015 Radiant Image: Cultivating Authentic Identity in the Modern World


David O'Connor: "Radiant Image: The Anxieties of Beauty"

John O'Callaghan: "'Like Me': The Image of God and Disability"

Michael Bradley: "Passionless Love: Erotic Healing"

Janet Easter: "Reclaiming Authentic Beauty in the Media"

John Cavadini: "Media and Manliness: A Brief Study" 

Maura Byrne: "Our Scars Make Us Beautiful: From Victim to Survivor"

Meg McDonnell: "Women in the Workplace: Professional Pursuits as an Expression of Radiant Image"

Patrick Deneen: "Enchantment and Disenchantment on Campus: Imagination and Image in the Life of the Mind and Faith"

Dianne Traflet: "Radiating the Presence of God: The Witness of St. Edith Stein"

Gerard Bradley: "Answering God's Call thorough Personal Vocation"

Suzy Younger: "Conjugal Union: An Authentic Image of God's Love"

Catherine Pakaluk: "Image as Mythology: Sacred and Profane"

Msgr. Michael Heintz: "The Eucharistic Form of the Christian Life"

Sr. Joseph Andrew Bogdanowicz, OP.: "Edith Stein and Mother Mary - Two Daughters of Israel"

Rev. William Dailey, C.S.C.: "Hope for Hollow Men? Moving Beyond Illusory Autonomy toward Genuine Freedom"

Megan Gettinger: "Marriage and the Spousal Role in the Formation of Identity"

Renee Roden: "Sir Not Up Nor Awaken Love Until It Please: Chastity, Dating and the Call to Authentic Love"

John Goerke: "The Authentic Identity of Motherhood"

Alicia Beach: "New Feminism and Identity"

Christina Serena: "Through the Eyes of His Friends: Images of Saint John Paul II"

Kerri Lenartowick: "'Gift and Task': John Paul II and Edith Stein on Sexuality, Vocation, and Personal Identity"

Madeline Flores: "Glimpses of the Kingdom: A Closer Look at J.R.R. Tolkien's Illustrations for The Hobbit"

Peter Flores: "The Adventure of Matrimony: Reclaiming the Sacramentality of Marriage"

Mary Gates: "False Images Presented by Contraception and Abortion"

Madeline Gillen: "The Gospel Has Eyes"

Samuel Bellafiore: "Liturgy: Healing the Pornogrified Mind"

Emily Sullivan: "In Your Light We See Light: How a Proper Account of the Trinity Illuminates Our Understanding of Sexuality"

Maureen Smith: "Consuming Love: How I Found Freedom from my Eating Disorder"

Samantha Stempky: "Overcoming the Images of the Woman I Should Be"

Jim Walsh: "Developing the Whole Woman"