Welcome to Forest Lake Area Schools Junior High Registration for 2017-2018
Navigating your road to success!
This registration guide has an assortment of planning tools, course descriptions, lists of graduation and college entrance requirements and much more designed to support appropriate high school course selections. Take the time to become familiar with all the information presented on the following pages. The menu at the left will help you navigate the site. The staff at Century and Southwest Junior High is ready to assist you with any questions that may arise.

 Century Staff Contact Info:
John-Paul Jacobson 
 (651) 982-3001
Joe Mueller 
Assistant Principal
 (651) 982-3002
Brooke Johnson 
Counselor -
Last Names (A-L)
 (651) 982-3005
Ann Haschig
- Last Names (M-Z)
 (651) 982-3006

 Southwest Staff Contact Info:

Scott Geary 
 (651) 982-8701
Hayley Lang 
Assistant Principal
 (651) 982-8702
Travis Gjerning 
Counselor -
Last Names (A-LE)
 (651) 982-8705
Amy Needham 
Counselor -
Last Names (LF-Z)
 (651) 982-8707

School Board Members: 
Julie Corcoran 
Karen Morehead
Luke Odegaard
Jill Olson
Jeff Peterson
Rob Rapheal
Gail Theisen
District Personnel:
Dr. Linda Madsen

Kelly Lessman
Director of Special Education

Donna Friedmann
Director of Administration & Human Resources

Corey McKinnon
Director of Community Education

Lawrence Martini
Director of Business Affairs

Diane Giorgi
Director of Teaching & Learning