Animations in Keynote

You can also use Keynote to create simple animations. Now I should mention that if you have the Mac version of Keynote you can do a lot more with animation, but with the iPad version you can still do some pretty cool stuff.

Keynote has some built in "canned animations" but for today I just want to focus on the Magic Move transition. Basically if you have the same object on two slides and you move the object on the second slide Keynote will animate the path from the first slide to the second slide.

How can you use this?
  • Animate a graph. I've done this for physics, but I know Breen has as well for Economics.
  • Animate a map. You could easily zoom in or pan across a map during a presentation. 
  • Animate a math equation. You could animate simple algebraic manipulations.
  • Just add interest to your presentation. Any time you are repeating the same elements from one slide to the next you could use Magic Move to re-arrange them.