Hands-on with Keynote

Keynote is Apple’s take on Powerpoint. Creating presentations is one of the least interesting things I use Keynote for. You can use it to create simple animations, custom clipart, infographics, or add captions to photos to tell a story. If you don’t already have Keynote be sure to ask Steve for a copy before this session.

I'm running this session like I run my Electronics Class. I have a series of lessons listed below. Each assumes you have the skills from the lessons that have come before. For some of you, this is your first time using Keynote. I'd recommend you start with Keynote for iPad Basics. Some of the lessons have some overlap, so feel free to skip around to learn what you want to learn.

For others, you may find the Basics lesson covers material you already know you can skip it or go through parts of it. Feel free to move on as you feel you've learned what you need to from a lesson. By providing a series of lessons and videos you can all work at a rate that works for you. You can also skip around so you can learn only the pieces you want. 

When you are done with a lesson you should have mastered the skills listed with that lesson. You will probably not make it through all of these today. You can come back to this page any any point and continue working, or you can wait for the next time I run this session.

Keynote for iPad Basics

  • I can organize and re-arrange presentations in the Presentation Manager.
  • I can create a basic presentation:
    • I can add images and objects
    • I can resize and position text, images, and objects

Keynote for iPad Intermediate

  • I can use the Format Inspector to change the style of elements.
  • I can Mask and crop images.
  • I can remove the background from images.
  • I can style text.

Keynote to make Clipart

  • I can work with layers
  • I can insert and modify shapes
  • I can group objects

Animations in Keynote

  • I can set and modify transitions
  • I can use Magic Move
  • I can animate objects on a slide

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