iBooks Teacher Academy

Our iBooks Teacher Academy will be on August 6th and 8th. That's a Monday and a Wednesday. Part of the focus of these days will be to learn how to use iBooks Author on the iMacs in the Yearbook room. You must be on a Macintosh computer running OS 10.7 or later to use iBooks Author.

If you're feeling ambitious you can start learning a bit on your own. In the Suggested Resources section you will find links to free iTunesU courses, free iBooks, and free tutorials on the web to get you started. Even if you don't have a Mac you may want to give some of this stuff a look so you have an idea of what is possible.

Again, teachers who commit will receive a stipend. We will have a deliverable for each of our meetings after our two day workshop. These are a bit vague at this point as different teachers will be creating very different sorts of resources.

    • August 6th & 8th - The kickoff and training

    • December 1st - Present you plan and some of the resources you've collected/created for use in your iBook

    • January 15th - First digital asset with alignment to your syllabus: $150

    • June 17th & 19th - Second digital asset: $200

    • August 2013 - Multiple digital assets aligned with standards for your content area and/or ISTE NETS: $400

"Digital Asset" is pretty vague. This will be something different for different people. It may even be that "First Digital Asset" will simply be the first part of a larger project.

Pages and Links for our Sessions