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During the Learning Festival, we spent 2 days at 4 communities, Kitubulu, Katabi, Bugonga and Kabaale. Here links to the stories that we collected at each of the communities. 

Team 1 Kitubulu
 Title of Story      Author
 1 + 1 is more than 2  Laurie
 The secret power of discipline  Marlou
 Sharing the burden of grief      Rafique
 What happened when 2 young people joined the group of elderly people in Katibulu…  Sahondra
 The secret of eternal youth  Sandra
 The birth of a river  Alessandra
 The spoon that saved a village     Louis Marie

Team 2 Katabi
 Title of Story      Author
 Difficulties with the Katabi River  Jessica
 You don't have to be young to dream   ?
 A place of love, comfort, care and support      Phil
 A virtuous circle      Phil
 Process is an alternative to conversation  Phil
 The bad news that every facilitator of CLCP should know  Judith/Phil
 The bad news that every community that uses CLCP for the first time should know  Judith/Phil
 A magical garden with a wonderful harvest      Phil
 Finding a way against all the odds  Judith
 Quiet support opens the door to remarkable achievement  ?
 Successful retirement  Judith
 A true iron lady  Judith
 The grace of an old lady makes everything clear.  Meble
 The secret to Standing out  Meble
 “Your parents need daily care, not a grand funeral.”  Meble

Team 3 Bugonga
 Title of Story      Author
 The legacy of indiscriminating love  Celicia
 I am retired, but I am not tired!  Jean-Louis
 On becoming human      Sohail
 The dream- a spark of solidarity  Pamela, HENU
 Community in Action      Stella Kapele
 From gossip to action       Josianne

Team 4 Kabaale
 Title of Story      Author
 When we get together, inner healing takes place  Anita
 A visit to the real Entebbe       Blaise
 The dilemma of an unmet need      Kausar
 Three women, one life....  Kausar
 You are not poor, it is your mindset that is poor  Rituu
 The river of life, the river of hope  Usa
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