The Global Learning Festival 2017 took place in Entebbe, Uganda in October. In this video clip some of those who participated in the festival discuss some of what they learned during the event. 

YouTube Video

Health Nest Uganda (HENU) and the Uganda Competence team have worked with several communities in Uganda since 2010 to build the spirit of community life competence in our older persons' communities to address their needs. We have had successes and challenges and in this process we have contributed to the growth of Life Competence in Uganda. The Global Learning Festival will be a platform where communities will share with us their experiences and we will learn from them.

One of the secrets to Uganda’s success is the creation of an open, honest, and ever learning environment, which has allowed our older persons to openly discuss their concerns and to learn from each other. This has stimulated older persons to develop solutions to their issues and implement them in a way that is sustainable. This learning experience is important for all community work with vulnerable groups towards sustainable solutions.

This year’s festival, in Uganda, will provide an interactive, intergenerational sharing space where participants from the international community, older persons groups, youth groups, policy and governance community, Constellation members, and friends of older persons come together to share, to learn and to build our common knowledge asset.

This site provides background to the Learning Festival before the event, it will be updated during the event, and it will serve as a record of the event.