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02 Chemistry of Life

Chemistry of Life
Living things are made carbon-based biological molecules. To maintain life, living things conduct chemical reactions changing chemicals forms. Enzymes make chemical reactions happen within cells of living things.

What should you be able to do by the end of the unit? 
  • Students will be able to develop and conduct a chemical reaction to change the output catalytic enzymes.
  • Students will be able to categorize different types of biological molecules that make up living things.
  • Students will be able to analyze the importance of water and its properties for living things. 
What questions should you be able to answer by the end of the unit? 
  • What makes up living things? 
  • How do environmental factors impact the ability of organisms to complete chemical reactions?

Graded Assignments

2-1 Quiz Replacement (Send an email to Mr Haskins to receive the replacement activity.  

Not Graded Homework 

Review: Basic Chemistry Video Review & Worksheet (pdf) key (pdf)

Review: Bonds Video Review & Worksheet (pdf) key pdf)

Review: Biological Molecules Video Review & Worksheet (pdf) key (pdf)

HW: Reviewing the Biological Molecules Video and Google Form (link) 
Review Concept Map (image)

Textbook Selection Links

Avonworth Biology (CK12)

Concepts Biology (OpenStax)

Barron's Selected Text

Notes and Learning Tools
Listed below are the resources for this unit. Be sure to check out the outline and vocabulary provided in each of the links! 

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