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Students will be conducting labs throughout the year. These assignments often require a science lab report. Below you will find copies needed for particular labs as well as the general guidelines and an example lab report.


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Sample Lab Report


This course requires students to design and implement laboratory experiments and activities. Students are to keep a biology lab notebook. Students will be given specific requirements for each lab activity. Setup, observations, data analysis and other notes collected during biology laboratory activities must be recorded in the science notebook. 

Experiment and activity lab reports will be typed using specific criteria explained in class. The reports must be completed by the due date and submitted through Google Classroom. 

If a lab is not completed during the assigned class periods, then students must attend a biology workshop or schedule a time to complete the activities. Students will have up to five school days to complete any lab or activity after the announced completion date. 

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Template for drafting the setup of an experiment  Sep 9, 2018, 9:20 AM Doug Haskins