Physical Education

Greg LaBella

Physical Education at the

Killington Elementary School

Greg LaBella

PE @ KES is focused on creating the desire in our students to be physically active now and into the future. Providing movement activities in the form of games and sports hope to develop the student’s coordination, agility, strength, and fitness.Also, participation in competitive games and sports will require the student to demonstrate positive behavior values. While competition and being competitive are not our first priorities, the challenges competition creates is one way our students learn and practice the specific behavior values expected in every PE activity. These values include sportsmanship, effort, support, and learning how to be gratuitous in victory and respectful in defeat. Students are encouraged to communicate with their teammates and learn how to self organize their teams.

Primary (lower) grades curriculum focuses on building foundation movement skills thorough basic movement patterns, simple games, and introduction of several sports, while stressing the development of positive behavior values. Students also participate in activities to assess their level of fitness.

Intermediate (upper) grades have similar content as primary grades, but with an emphasis on acquiring the skills and knowledge of the specific sport. We talk about strategies that can be applied to any game or sport. Adapting the strategy and style of play is explored so the students can become more creative. Self organization is required as we create many mini tournaments in our sport units. As stated above, practicing and demonstrating positive behavior values is stressed.

An underlying component that is communicated through the many different activities offered in PE is being aware that there is a role for every player on the team and that there are many great athletes, but the very best learn how to make their teammates better players. I hope that through the variety of games and activities I cultivate a life for being a part of a team and active forever.