1st Grade

Lisa Laird

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to First Grade. 


READING: Supporting students as they develop foundational skills in literacy is our primary goal. First grade students engage in direct instruction through the "Fundations" program as well as small group targeted instruction in reading groups.  Students develop a love for reading as they listen to reading, read independently, and read with peers.

MATH: Building number sense is critical in the primary grades. Through our math program, "Investigations,"  and additional hands on learning opportunities, student engage in inquiry based math investigations.  These investigations provide students with the opportunity to develop number sense and strategies to solve problems.  Math discussions enable students to expand and solidify their understanding of mathematical concepts.

WRITING:  Writing in first grade involves learning many new skills such as Structure of  Writing  (beginning, middle, and  end), Language Conventions (spelling and punctuation), and Author's Craft (voice and detail). These are all big ideas that students are introduced to in first grade and they will continue to develop as they progress through school.  First graders enjoy the creativity and self expression they gain through writing journal entries, narratives, and informational text.   Nothing is more exciting than seeing the pride in first grade faces as they share their writing.

SCIENCE: Our science units are based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  First grade students study plant and animal adaptations, the spinning sky, and properties of light and sound.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Our social studies topics include holidays, geography,  and how people work and live together in a community.