6th Grade

    Amy Simonds

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The sixth grade year at K.E.S. stands out as a remarkable time for social growth and maturity in many respects.  Sixth graders are viewed as the school leaders; the role models of the school.  They are assigned responsibilities to help the school run safely and smoothly.  These responsibilities carry over into their schoolwork, where they experience great success at independent learning.  These traits help prepare K.E.S. students for a future school experience at Woodstock Union Middle School.

What makes 6th grade special:

Curricular Highlights:

Math-  we use the Investigations and Open Up Resources Programs at KES, supplemented by daily skills work and multi-step portfolio problems

Language Arts and Reading- students read a variety of challenging texts, and writing assignments are integrated throughout the curriculum

Science- units include plate tectonics / changes in the Earth, electricity, circuits, and solar power, simple machines, Lego robotics and engineering, ecosystems

Social Studies- Ancient Civilizations and world geography are a focal point of the Social Studies program


Big Friend Little Friend Apple Picking

Sixth Grade Photography At Kent Pond

Grade 6 - Spring Concert


Crazy Sweater Creations

Holiday Concert - Moose Takes Flight

LEGO Robotics