Melissa Knipes

Killington Elementary School: The Kindergarten Program

All lessons are connected to the Kindergarten Common Core State Standards.

Language Arts: The children are engaged in a shared reading experience which allows them to enjoy listening to books while they informally gain a meaningful understanding of print concepts. They are exposed to different kinds of literature such as poems, songs and nursery rhymes. We have rich discussions regarding the author’s purpose and activate prior knowledge to make connections to the literature. They will be making several books throughout the year and taking them home to practice their reading.

During writing, the children are learning their letters and letter sounds. They write in their journals. They express their thoughts through drawings and will be able to write some sentences to accompany their drawings by the end of the year.

Math: The math curriculum in kindergarten is called Investigations. The children have many opportunities to count, explore and work with numerals. They use math manipulatives that provide concrete models. They work on building their number sense, counting and cardinality throughout the year in fun and engaging ways. We also conduct “math talks,” which means students share their math thinking with each other.

Science and Social Studies: Our science units are simple, inquiry-based topics covering observations and experiments. In social studies, the children study aspects of the world around them. They begin to develop a sense of present and past as it relates to their local environment and world that they know. The topics focus on self, family, school and community.

Socialization: The children participate in Morning Meeting and Free Time during the school day. Morning Meeting creates a community, fosters responsive interactions and teaches the skills of social development. Free Time encourages choice, self expression, problem solving and small group interaction. Children are successful in school when their social and academic needs are addressed.

Big Friend, Little Friend: This program provides regular opportunities for sixth graders and kindergarten children to come together for academic and co-curricular activities.

Please feel free to contact me any time with questions or concerns about your child. Thank you for your time and support!

Melissa Knipes, Kindergarten Educator