2nd Grade

Holly Getty


Welcome to second grade! This is an exciting year. Students are learning to be respectful, responsible, and safe as they engage in new academic and social opportunities.

There is so much to learn and we have a lot of fun in second grade! Here are our units of study:

READING: Second graders can be diverse in their reading interests and abilities. As readers we focus on comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expanding vocabulary. Students enjoy reading books in series and early chapter books. Second grade is a time when students often begin using their reading skills to learn new information.

WRITING: We learn about writing in a variety of genres. We compose personal narratives, informational reports, friendly letters, poetry, and persuasive essays throughout the school year. Fundations is our word study program.

MATH: Investigations is our math curriculum. We spend the majority of the year focusing on addition and subtraction strategies, starting with single-digit numbers and working up to three-digit equations. We also learn about 2D shapes, fractions, data collection, measurement, and foundations of multiplication. Letters are sent home each unit explaining more about the math concepts and how you can support your child at home.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Our units include studies of Communities and Mapping Skills, US History, Holidays, and Traditions, Landforms, and Natural Resources.

SCIENCE: Our units include topics around Animal Biodiversity and Habitats, Properties and Phases of Matter, Erosion and the Earth's Surface, and Plant Structures, Functions, and Adaptations.

TECHNOLOGY: Second grade is the first year students have 1:1 school-issued Chromebooks. These devices are used to practice keyboarding skills, publish writing, read books, learn math concepts, research science and social studies topics, and collaborate with unified arts classes.

SOCIAL EMOTIONAL: There are four units to our Second Step curriculum. We learn about Skills for Learning, Empathy, Emotional Management, and Problem Solving throughout the year.

Second Grade Weekly Schedule 2022-2023

Helpful Websites for Second Grade:

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Lexia Epic Books Keyboarding

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