Pound Lane Pond

Redevelopment of the area. This was an over grown site that was actually dug out in 1989 as a pond by the Yaxley Volunteers, Yaxley Scouts & John Watt who supplied a long reach digger. Unfortunately the pond became overgrown & filled in with sediment after a few years.

History repeated itself in 2015 when the Des Watt took up the batton and undertook a well thought out plan to develop the site into a landscaped pond & wild garden with a graveled path. There are memorial seats proved for weary visitor or for quiet contemplation. YCV maintain the site & have plant hundreds of wild flowers % bulbs. This was a project funded by the Council. & who carry out the heavier task in the area.

Blenheim Way

Clearing the undergrowth. We cleared the bottom section of this overgrown hedge in 2014 & with the council's help hauled away 4 farm trailer loads of undergrowth & rubbish. The biggest challenge was haul away a metal domestic oil tank & loads of slabs of concrete.

The Cemetery

Maintenance. Many people comment on how well the YPC keep the cemetery & how wonderful the lavender looks each summer, but it takes a lot of work to maintain it. We have under taken the pruning of the lavender in the Lawn Cemetery in the last few years as it dies out if not cut back to maintain flowering.

Church Street

Hedgerow maintenance . This hedge was first laid by the volunteers in 2001 & again in 2017. It was a formidable task that took 3 months. The overgrown hedge without maintenance had grown to over 4 m height and brambles climbed to the top & down to the ground on the other side. There were 100s of m of rusty barbed wire embedded in the hedge. For most of the length we had to work in a water fill ditch.