WordPress Website Tutorials

WordPress Tutorials

  1. How to login & logout of your WordPress website.
  2. Creating website backups using All In One WP Migration.
  3. Restoring your website to a previous backup using All In One WP Migration.
  4. Updating WordPress & Plugins.
  5. Approving Comments.
  6. Maintenance Mode.
  7. Viewing Form Submission Data.

Divi Theme Tutorials

  1. Divi Builder Tutorials - A visual page builder for creating layouts using rows, columns and Divi Modules.
  2. Divi Modules Tutorials - Divi Modules are elements used to build your page such as Text, Video, Gallery etc.
  3. Editing Divi page layouts.
  4. Creating a Divi blog post.
  5. Creating a project post.
  6. Displaying a WooCommerce product in a post.
  7. Creating Internal Links To Pages & Posts.
  8. Inserting images within written content.
  9. Creating an image gallery.

Salient Theme Tutorials

  1. Page Builder General - A visual page builder for creating layouts using rows, columns and elements.
  2. Elements Overview - Elements are modules used to build your page such as Text, Video, Gallery etc.
  3. Rows
  4. Columns
  5. Galleries

Flatsome Theme Tutorials

  1. Click here - for full list of Flatsome tutorials covering, UX Builder, Blocks, WooCommerce, Navigation and more.

Image Management

  1. Using Pixlr.com to create images for your website
  2. Optimising images using TinyPNG.com
  3. Uploading images to be used on your website
  4. Adding media categories
  5. Online image libraries

Search Engine Optimisation

  1. On-page SEO - Optimise your pages for Google.
  2. Keyword research.
  3. Submit new page URL's to Google here.

Recommended WordPress Plugins

Plugins provide functionality to your WordPress website. View our list of recommended WordPress plugins here.

WooCommerce Tutorials

Creating the correct product type for your WooCommerce website.

  1. Simple Products - Products without size or colour variations.
  2. Variable Products - Products with size or colour variations.
  3. Grouped Products - Products clubbed together to form a single entity.
  4. Downloadable Products - Sell digital product files for immediate download. No shipping required.
  5. Sell large digital download files using WooCommerce & Dropbox
  6. Virtual Products - Used for selling services. No shipping required.
  7. External Products - List a product on your store, but you are not the actual seller of the product. Redirects to another URL & there is no need for you to add any product-specific data on your store.
  8. Creating Global Attributes - Attributes are used for products specifications and /or product options such as size, colour etc.

Other WooCommerce Tutorials

  1. Featured products.
  2. Creating a coupon in WooCommerce.
  3. Creating a new product category.
  4. Creating a one-off invoice for a specific customer in WooCommerce.

Managing Orders

  1. Order notifications.
  2. Managing orders for physical products.
  3. Managing orders for Virtual & Download products.
  4. Add a courier tracking number to orders & notifying the customer.
  5. Refunds & returns.
  6. Product reviews.


  1. Creating campaigns to send to your subscriber list.
  2. Manually adding new subscribers to your mailing list.

Gsuite - Google Email Account Management

  1. How to login to Gsuite control panel.
  2. Set up Gsuite billing.
  3. Adding more users in Gsuite.
  4. Updating a users password in Gsuite.
  5. Other Gsuite tutorials.