Optimising images using TinyPNG.com

Optimising image file sizes is a great way to ensure your website loads quickly.

Images must first be prepared before they are uploaded for use in your website.

Step 1

The first part of that process involves creating an image at the correct size and saving it for use on the web.

See tutorial Using Pixlr.com to create images for your website.

Step 2

The second part of optimising an image is to ensure the file size is small. This has nothing to do with the pixel size but more to do with compression. The human eye won't be able to see any difference between a compressed image and one that isn't. The most important difference you will notice are the page load speed times.

Images that a re-sized correctly and compressed load quickly!

  1. Open up a browser and visit https://tinypng.com/
  2. Drag your images onto the upload area.
  3. The website will automatically run through the compression process and let you know how many kilobytes were shaved from each image. When you add this up you can easily see how optimising images will make a big difference to your website.
  4. Once the process is complete click the download link to download the compress image file.