TXHSWS’s purpose is to develop the technical and employability skills necessary in today’s youth for tomorrow’s welding industry.  Our series events include hosting welding certification events all over Texas. Students of all skill levels are challenged to improve ability and increase the desire to pursue a career in welding. Industry professionals team up with educational leaders to create these one-of-a-kind events to raise the bar for students.  The TXHSWS and its Board of Directors will work to increase opportunities for students to be college and career ready in the welding industry.

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2024 Teacher Seminar

ArcLabs Fort Worth Texas

Working to help today's youth develop the necessary skills for tomorrow's welding industry. 

Visual Inspection   & Learning from AWS Certified Welding Inspectors

Texas High School Welding  Series Events are industry-driven, certification events designed acclimate high-school students to the pressures and expectations of future employers.

Opportunities for Students: 

Welding Events and Certifications

Oxy/Fuel Cutting Events

Benefits for School Districts and Educators:

Prizes and Awards Donated By Industry Sponsors

Employers & Industry Leaders:

Contact the TXHSWS for partnership and sponsorship opportunities at TXHSWS@gmail.com.

 Welding Certification Events with the TXHSWS have special protocols in place that meet/exceed the State and Local requirements COVID 19 and we want everyone to stay safe and healthy as they grew in skills and knowledge.

Contact info:  TXHSWS@gmail.com

 The Texas High School Welding Series does not discriminate on the basis, of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, except where safety is a concern, marital status, and sexual orientation, in any, of it’s activities or operations.