Keeping it Cool

June 3, 2016

Even with moderate temperatures the cabins on the boat can get a bit stuffy and in full sun it gets very warm. Certainly opening hatches helps but they are nothing like the windows at home. We have used small plug-in style fans that operate off of 120 volts but these are inefficient when operated off an inverter from battery power when not on shore power.

After searching what others use in their boats, we chose a popular 12 vdc style for our own boat.

Doesn't look like much when you first get it other than the motor is heavy for such a small size. I view this as a good sign.

The blades are made of a bendable plastic similar to vinyl siding and have an "impact" cushion on the forward edge as these fans do no sport cages.

Laying the contents of the box out along with pre-made wire splices and fuse block. I also added a quick disconnect as well.

Fairly easy and clean install, say about 30 minutes each.

Two speeds with both very quiet, the lowest barely audible. I tried my hand (literally) with hitting the open blades and no amputations, stitches or bruises. Very safe. Here's one spinning.

What it feels like.!

Meanwhile, the boat cat just finds the coolest place to take her naps

Back home, the Elephant Garlic is in bloom and I'm toting around concrete edging for the front lard landscaping.

The squash plants are thinking it might be time to make squash.

In the afternoons, it's time to kick back and enjoy the latter half of the day.

We tried adding some plant food to lower the pH and add aluminum but the hydrangeas didn't get the message.

Our foxes were making more foxes behind the house down by the lake.

With the heat of the oncoming summer, the afternoon thunderstorms are becoming common along with the occasional rainbow