10 days on the Time and Tide

April 1st-10th 2016

Starting April 1st, Moyia and I spent 10 days on the boat getting things in order for the season. Good to get back to the boat after the winter. The boat cat fell right into her usual routine.

The sunrise on April 2nd after our first night aboard.

I had list of the usual things to do and about a half dozen less usual including changing out the joker valves on the heads. I had replaced the entire pump assemblies on both heads the first year after we bought her, but last fall we started getting gurgling noises. I bought new joker valves over the winter and the photo shows a new valve and the worst of the old valves. Definitely not sealing anymore.

We motored over to the pump-out at the fuel dock to empty our holding tanks. When we went to return back to our slip, the engine would not crank. We were towed back to the slip by the Harbormaster. Upon deeper inspection, I found a broken connector to the starter solenoid.

Our propane would not turn on for the stove and I found the safety switch fuse holder had broken.

I was able to replace the fuse holder with a push-button style breaker.

The compressor on our freezer/refrigerator would not start, so I broke out the manual and voltmeter.

Another broken wire! This time it was hidden in shrink wrap.

I was finally able to kick back some. We had mixed weather will at the boat with both cloudy, wet days and clear sunny days. Still a bit cool for sure, but good times and a definite break in the routine over the last 5 years.