2017-2018 Geo-Tagged Photos

Checking In and Bottom Paint for the Time and Tide

Splashing the Time and Tide

Charlotte Harbor to Freshwater Lock

Freshwater Lock to Fisherman's Village Marina

Hanging out in Fisherman's VIllage

Fisherman's Village to Burnt Store Marina

Burnt Store Marina to A&B Marina

Hanging out in Key West

A&B Marina to Cape Sable Anchorage

Hanging out in Cape Sable

Cape Sable Anchorage to Cape Romano Anchorage

Cape Romano Anchorage to Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge Anchorage

Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge Anchorage to Aquamarine Palm Harbor Marina

Aquamarine Palm Harbor Marina to Sarasota Bay Anchorage

Sarasota Bay Anchorage to Clearwater Beach Municipal Marina

Hanging out in Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach Municipal Marina to Panama City Municipal Marina

Panama City Municipal Marina to Destin Harbor Anchorage

Destin Harbor Anchorage to Wolf Bay Anchorage

Wolf Bay Anchorage to Turner Marine

Hanging out in Turner Marine

Turner Marine to Alabama River Cut-off Anchorage

Alabama River Cut-off Anchorage to Okatuppa Creek Anchorage

Okatuppa Creek Anchorage to Landrums Creek Anchorage

Landrums Creek Anchorage to Demopolis-Kingfisher Bay Marina

Kingfisher Bay Marina to Warsaw Cut-off Anchorage

Warsaw Cut-off Anchorage to Columbus Marina

Columbus Marina to Fulton Anchorage

Fulton Anchorage to Grand Harbor Marina

Grand Harbor Marina to Crooked Creek Anchorage

Crooked Creek Anchorage to Green Turtle Bay Marina