More Additions to the Boat

September 19th, 2016

Looper season is in full swing at the marina. Just fun to watch and walk along the different types of boats. We've met a few more folks along the way both in the transient slips and the open slips on Pier 4 for transient overflow.

Our youngest daughter flew to China for her semester "abroad". Not her first rodeo to China but this time she was traveling alone and would have to navigate the ins and outs of the travel herself. She has had years of Chinese language, but still hard to see her go.

Lots of pieces coming together for our upcoming voyage south.

Going through the ground tackle to ensure we have the right type and enough of it. G4 chain is a great, all around tough (+35%) windlass chain . Also, we have chain and 200' of rode for a second set of tackle in case we need to deploy both. We have a plow anchor as our main and a Danforth anchor for the secondary set of tackle.

The installation of the arch has been slow and mentally painful. Just truly don't want to make a mistake. ONe of those measure many, many times and then carefully cut. The arch is loosely assembled and ready to match up the sugar scoop.

Trimming off the upper legs piece meal to get the assembly level and then bedding the lower legs so they match the curve of the sugar scoop. I chickened out a bit and made the multiple, shorter cuts and trial fitted the assembly to the hull by tying up lines to the arch.

Our new enclosure is well along and is replacing the old dodger and bimini with full strataglas (flexible plastic) panels and solar screens. We'll also have a extended bimini over the back of the boat and hatch covers made to match.

Rain beads up nicely on the new Sunbrella material. We've ordered the special cleaners and polishes for the fabric and Strataglass.

We've also added a 32' smart television to the aft cabin, replaced the the television in the salon with a 24" model. We'll move the old television in the forward cabin.

And put up a couple more 12 vdc fans in the salon area by splicing and fusing into the existing light fixtures similar to the ones installed previously.

Moyia also has been rearranging the galley and our storage areas along with removing the things we won't need that have accumulated over the past five years. She using as much as possible the lock-n-lock containers to keep spillage to a minimum.

Front view.

Top view.

The big task for this past week was to un-step the mast which required a day of prep work removing lines, shackles, sheaves and unwiring. The actual removal of the mast was non-eventful and took less than an hour. We still have to prep the mast and boom for transport on a trailer down to Mobile, Alabama as we decided this was best for first timers as opposed to carrying the mast on the boat.

The wires (lights, VHF, OTA TV and Radar) come out of the bottom of the mast and through a wireway under this stainless plate.

Into the narrow (and shallow) work slip. We skipped on a few rocks exiting.

A manlift (cherry picker) and a large yard fork truck made the task look easy. Less than an hour start to finish.

I had to convince Moyia not to see what the new top speed was without the mast. That's for the next trip.

I've got some casual reading material ready.

Down to 3 weeks......not that I'm counting or anything :) Going to be an adventure.