Pebble Island Anchorage to Clifton Marina

October 11th, 2016

Start: 6:12 AM

End: 4:17 PM

Hours: 10:05:00

Statute Miles: 62.92

Average Speed: 6.24 mph

We headed out early from Pebble Island with the sunrise putting on quite a show for us to get our day going. Vela Narcosis is pulling ahead out of the anchorage.

Following the channel out onto the river

The First Mate at the wheel as I'm the anchor guy

Once out onto the river Captain Bill came by to take the lead

Fairly close upstream was a chemical plant that Google Maps told us was OxyChem

A railroad lift bridge was just after the Oxychem plant and was an old school, steam punk design. One of the designs that works for generations. An operator came out after a call asking to raise the bridge by SV-Vela Narcosis to clear its mast.

The lake was quickly turning into the river and we made our first bend in the river

One of the landmarks we passed was the I-40 bridge. Countless times we went over the bridge in a car and talked about that one day we'd be on the water in a boat heading south. Today was that day and we were in our boat!

Along the way we were struck by how many homes were nestled on the banks and into small cliffs along the way. Some were obviously just fishing camps or cottages, others were full blown homes with decks and windows to enjoy the views the scenery offered.

We had some Loopers with faster boats come by us during the day

Several gravel operations were in action on the river. The companies are taking to shoals and banks, screening and separating, and then dumping the needed sizes into barges. Smaller barges were being loaded from the banks with dry riverbed, moved to rinsing and screening operations on barge platforms, and then loaded as finished product onto larger barges. Now I know where those bags of rocks at Home Depot come from!

As we were approaching Clifton, a pair of Apaches (the attack helicopters, not the Indians) came across our path. Hard to miss their thumping as they went over.

After another long day of motoring up the Tennessee river we pulled into a small marina in Clifton, Tennessee. Nicely kept place and very crowded with Loopers. With the river low, the keel was plowing through mud bottom coming in and then hit hard. Fortunately we were able to back out and shift over in the channel a bit to make it in without too much trouble.

Our next day will be a bit shorter and we will go through our first lock to get onto Pickwick Lake.