Crooked Creek Anchorage to Green Turtle Bay Marina

May 26th 2018


Start Time:-5:37 AM

Cruise Hours-10:40:30

Cruise Distance (statute)-90.24

Average Speed (mph)-8.45



We spent a peaceful evening anchored with an occasional semi-truck heard crossing the I-40 bridge in the distance. Pulled anchored and started to back slowly out of the creek but hit a submerged object (log? tree?) with the keel. Moved forward a few feet and backed out at a slightly different angle with no issues. Glided under the I-40 bridge in calm waters a few minutes later as dawn was approaching in a clouded sky.

The sun broke through the clouds a few minutes north of the bridge.

Delilah, boat cat extraordinaire, watched the sunrise with me while the First Mate tidied up in the galley.

We began to take the long bend around the Duck River Wildlife Refuge before entering the wider portion of the Tennessee River...southernmost reach of Kentucky Lake.

There were a few fishermen out on the water early but as the day warmed they were replaced by Memorial Day weekend revelers and things got rollicky on the lake.

Another fisherman, albeit a feathered one, taking advantage of a submerged branch.

We made excellent time moving with the current downstream. As we approached the new Highway 68 bridge our AIS identified a USCG vessel.

As we passed the USCG vessel, we noted it was a work tug for replacing the many missing channel markers.

A few hours later we enter the familiar Green Turtle Bay home channel slightly ahead a group of fast movers who, for once, declined to pass us in the channel!

It was a quick, but interesting 10 days from the saltwater of Mobile Bay to the upper reaches of Kentucky and Barkley Lakes!