Custom Boat Parts While You Wait

April 26th, 2016

During our stay on the boat, we found one of the duct hoses was not attached directly to the vent. It was missing a transition piece. The air would still blow, just not very strongly. I searched online but could not find a direct fit so I fired up the 3-D printer and made one.

A bit of pain to draw up, but once I had all the dimensions correct, printing it up was easy.

Our youngest daughter will graduate next year. She attended an banquet to receive an award (another!). She has been in the Helen Hardin Honors program and devoted hundreds of hours in various roles to the program.

She can also be a bit of a clown. Here in front of the University College banner.



Congratulations Mackenzie!

It still has been getting cool in the evenings even with the spring coming along. The First Mate made her last pot of chili for the season

The azaleas are just starting to hit their stride out front along the walkway while out back, the vegetable is starting to shape up nicely!