Demopolis Yacht Basin to Bashi Creek Anchorage

October 18th, 2016

Start: 6:55 AM

Finish: 5:30 PM

Hours: 10:35:00

Statute Miles: 70.91

Average Speed: 6.70 mph


Demopolis Dam -35'

We got a 7am start to the day and crept out of the marina following the temporary buoys that had been laid due to the current dredging.

The sun stated a new day as we headed for the nearby lock.

We were able to get into the nearby lock quickly without waiting.

The sun broke over the top of the lock.

The outfall of the Demopolis lock is different in that it discharges very close to the lock exit.

Vela Narcosis steaming ahead out of the lock.

One of the many paper pulp mills we passed on our way south. Some you could smell before you saw them

One of the discussions among the group was diesel tank capacity and where to fuel up. Our Hunter 420 came with either a 50 or 60 gallon tank and I had always assumed 50 gallons to be safe. I raised the master cabin mattress and tank cover to find the tag for the tank that stated 61 gallons. We have burned just over a gallon an hour so the tank would give us ~50 hours between fills plus the 10 gallons of additional fuel I carry on deck.

Paper chipping operation near the paper mill.

These mats of concrete and cable to stop erosion from the river were the only example of this I saw the entire trip.

The typical railway bridge. The less traveled tracks had the middle section raised, A few we had to ask the bridge tender to raise.

Just in case we didn’t know we were in Alabama…….lots of Roll Tide signs and University of Alabama flags.

After many false alarms we finally saw our first alligator. This guy was a bit uneasy with us passing so close by.

He even turned to smile for the camera. Wasn’t a really big gator but big enough!

Along with the gator we also so our first Spanish moss!

As the day started to end we saw a good looking deer stand overlooking both the river and a field.

Bashi Creek came up on us. And we entered the narrow waterway one by one. Bajan Speed was the third boat.

We rafted 3 by 2 with us along Vela Narcosis.

We had dome sundowners on deck talking with Dennis and Wanda before Moyia whipped up supper which we ate by LED candlelight.