The Captain, David Clark, was born in the then quiet southern town of Orlando, Florida in 1961. Disney World, interstate highways, mass population migration, or air conditioning were not part of daily life as of yet. He got to watch B-52 bombers fly and land at McCoy Air Force base, play in the sand and surf of local beaches, swim in the warm lakes and cool springs, and watch moonshots from John F Kennedy Space Center.

Water was always a part of his life but not necessarily boats, especially sailboats. This changed when he met his future First Mate and they dreamed of living on a sailboat in retirement

They were soon married and life rapidly got in front of their dreams of life on the water with three children born quickly and careers starting to take off.

They always thought to the future and eventually bought their first, and only, boat in 2011. They decided to go all in and purchase not only their "starter" boat, but their retirement boat at the same time. Their boat, SV-Time and Tide, is a Hunter 420 and is named after the song by Basia, who was a favorite songstress of theirs during their courtship.

The Captain went about learning the boat inside and out before his retirement in 2016. He and the First Mate have cruised Kentucky Lake, traveled down the Tenn-Tom to Mobile and traveled the intercoastal waters and Gulf of Mexico as far south as Key West and back to their home marina at Green Turtle Bay on Lake Barkley in Grand Rivers, Kentucky.