Green Turtle Bay to Pebble Island Anchorage

October 10, 2016

Start: 6:30 AM

End: 5:15 PM

Hours: 10:45:00

Statute Miles: 68.48

Average Speed: 6.37 mph

We cast the lines at 6:30a and formed up in a line with Captain Bill on his trawler, Nomad, in the lead position. Tony and Vickie were second on the sailboat, Dangerous Love, which had to unstep her mast like we did with our boat. Third in line were Dennis and Wanda on board the sailboat Vela Narcosis, which has a shorter mast able to go under the bridges to Mobile. Just in front of us were Larry and Elke on board their trawler, Bajan Speed. We moved slowly out onto Lake Barkley just before sunrise.

We turned onto the canal running between Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake just outside Green Turtle Bay marina.

While Larry manned the helm on Bajan Speed

After we transited the canal we turned south onto Kentucky Lake.

The First Mate was all smiles at the helm.

The sun finally broke over the trees.

We soon came to the new bridge over Kentucky Lake. The old bridge, a span of which was destroyed in a collision with a specialized carrier for rocket boosters, used to be too low for us to get under with our mast. The recently completed new bridge is high enough for most any mast and we were soon in new waters for us.

Bridge in the distance

Almost under

Basket style bridge with arch and cables

Crews still removing some of the old bridge.

A few sites of the day.

Our first barge of the day. Frequent along the inland waterways.

Barge loading facility for grain

White pelicans taking their time heading south for the winter. We may beat them to Florida.

Pretty typical speed, 6.1 knots. We can go slightly faster of course (~8 knots), but there is no rush and fuel consumption jumps considerably.

A ferry carries cars east-west over the lake.

When Kentucky Dam was built, the river valley was flooded creating Kentucky Lake. There are still buildings, train trestles and roads that run to the lake's edge.

If an RV and pontoon boat had a kid......

Can't miss our next stop

A bit tricky getting in, especially if you do not follow the markers.

Starting to raft up

The local marina