The Stellar Codex

Hi there! I'm Ryan Rabideau and this site is my attempt to catalog and describe my personal "space-opera" universe!

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The Story Thus Far

The galaxy suffered a pan-galactic series of extinctions little more than a hundred thousand cycles ago. In the aftermath new intelligent life has emerged and started forging new empires. As technology has advanced some civilizations find themselves disrupted and disturbed whilst others take advantage of an increased pace of change to seize opportunities for trade, diplomacy, and conquest!

The ubiquitous Terrans have suffered defeats but are again resurgent... the ancient Ukaros are gnashing their teeth and waving sabers... the Aquilaran and Fulgar seek advantage be it technological or economic... whilst the stalwart and dangerous Tothk wish only to be left alone... and no one has yet come to grips with the mysterious horde of trans-galactic Zrenrakka.

Everyone can feel that war is coming and that a dark mystery lies in the past and may yet determine the future.