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This site showcases Shaping Futures current offer. As one of our priority schools and colleges you have unlimited access to this content. Our 3 umbrella themes contain subtopics exploring all aspects of the careers curriculum, supporting teaching staff to achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks and learners to make informed choices for their future. For a video tour of this site, please click here.

These pages are filled with free resources created by us and curated from other professional sites, which we believe will empower your learners to explore their options. The worksheets, videos and activities on these pages can be used in your lesson planning to enrich a session or set as homework to encourage independent learning.

Additionally, the Shaping Futures Team are available to deliver a session to your class and use recourses shared here alongside exclusive content specifically designed for our target ward learners. If you are interested in this offer, or finding out more, please contact your designated Higher Education Progression Advisor (HEPA). You can also use our booking form to express an interest in a session for your learners.

This theme covers the many different routes and options within Higher Education. We will explore how learning is different at university, what student life can be like as well as opportunities such as student societies and study abroad. We also provide information, advice and guidance on completing UCAS and Student Finance applications.

This section provides guidance for students who are exploring their future options. We include choices at KS4, KS5, Higher Education and career planning. Labour Market Information and Growth Sectors are also covered, as well as learning how to use this information effectively.

Skills to Succeed focuses on attainment, resilience, transferable skills and citizenship. This section will help to equip students with skills needed for GCSE, Level 3, Higher Education and beyond. Learners will identify their unique strengths and explore which careers utilise their skills set.

Spotlight on: What's new for 21/22

As we enter a new academic year Shaping Futures will be transitioning into Phase 3 of the Office for Student's Uni Connect Programme. Whilst our aims and objectives will remain broadly the same we will be making some changes to the way we work in light of the most up-to-date evaluation and research. We pride ourselves on utilising best practice to create a programme that will be as impactful as possible for the learners we interact with.

We're looking forward to working with you once again this year!

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Progression Framework

This Framework has been developed by the Shaping Futures Team who have years of diverse experience in education, careers and university outreach. It outlines our delivery model and how we plan to meet the aims of the Uni Connect programme.

It is essential to us that we consider the priorities of the schools and colleges who we work with, which is why we have aligned our sessions to the Gatsby Benchmarks and the Matrix Standard, working towards your institutions careers curriculum.

Our programme of delivery is more flexible than ever before, with face-to-face, virtual and pre-recorded sessions available.

Contact your HEPA or use our booking form to find out more about any of our delivery, or to book in a conversation about which sessions would be suitable for your learners.

Tips for Teachers

Shaping Futures have 6 University Partners within the Liverpool City Region. Watch our video where outreach experts share their top tips for teachers, helping you to engage with universities to help your learners to make decisions about their future.

Shaping Futures are impartial, therefore all the sessions we deliver provide your learners with information to empower them in making their own decisions. Contact your HEPA to find out more about our programme.

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Chat to a University Student

The CFE review of local evaluation evidence published in December 2020 found that learners relate to and are influenced by people ‘like them’. Activities ranging from campus visits to mentoring appear to be most impactful when student ambassadors contribute to their delivery and draw on their own experience to support and inspire learners.

Shaping Futures have collaborated with our partner universities to bring together Student Ambassadors from across the Merseyside Region in one place. Learners can live chat with students studying a variety of courses from the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores, Liverpool Hope, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and Edge Hill.

This is a unique opportunity for learners at any stage of the decision making process to ask questions and gain an insight into life in HE. Everyday our Student Ambassadors post content of what they are doing, providing a insight into what studying during a global pandemic is like for each of them. The workbook can be used with learners independently, or as part of a session delivered by the Shaping Futures Team. Contact your HEPA for more information.

Virtual Events Calendar

At Shaping Futures we are proud to partner with 12 local Further and Higher Education Institutions. They are all offering events over the coming months and to make things easier for you and your learners we have collated this information in our handy calendar, which is also available on our website.

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