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Call for contributions to the 6th REECAP meeting in Cordoba has been released

Date: 2024-04-22; Image: (c) REECAP, University of Cordoba

The upcoming in-person meeting of the REECAP network will take place in Cordoba, Spain on September 24-26, 2024. The call for contributions and further information have been released on the webpage of the event. We are looking forward to meeting you in Cordoba this year!

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Call for contributions to the 5th REECAP meeting in Warsaw has been released

Date: 2023-01-25; Image: (c) REECAP, University of Warsaw

The upcoming in-person meeting of the REECAP network will take place in Warsaw, Poland on September 26-28, 2023. The call for contributions and further information have been released on the webpage of the event. We are looking forward to meeting you in Warsaw this year!

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A Practical Guide to Registered Reports for Economists

Date: n/a; Image: (c) CBEAR

Registered Reports may soon become a gold standard to publish experimental research. Want to know more?

A REECAP member (Thibaut Arpinon) has contributed to this very useful guide for our community. The authors are happy to include your suggestions to the next draft

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CBEAR 2021 Prize for Innovation awarded to REECAP!

Date: n/a; Image: (c) CBEAR

The annual CBEAR Prize for Innovation goes to leaders who foster the development of evidence-based policy design at the intersection of agriculture and the environment.

REECAP board is very honoured and grateful to CBEAR for their recognition of our efforts since 2017. 

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Call for abstracts for the REECAP organised sessions – EAAE congress 2021

Date: 2021-01-02, Image: (c) EAAE

REECAP would like to submit REECAP related papers jointly as organised sessions at the EAAE congress, to be held hopefully in Prague (20-23 July). If you would be interested in participating in the proposal for a REECAP organised session(s), we welcome contributions. Please send us an abstract by the 27th January. 

The REECAP board will review the proposals and select those to be included in the organised session(s) proposal(s) to the EAAE Congress.

In addition to the organised session, REECAP is also planning to organize the next REECAP meeting as a pre-congress symposium, before the EAAE 2021 congress. This symposium will include training, a pre-registration of protocols session, a keynote presentation and round-table discussions. 

For further information and deadlines :

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Do you have some material on the use of experiments to share with REECAP ? 

Date: n/a; Image: by AbsolutVision

Do you have some slides, leaflets, policy briefs, pictures, diagrams ... on the use of experiments, intuitive explanations of methods to a wider audience, intuitive and easy to grasp examples, nice pictures or diagrams, or other material that you have used for presentations or for courses, and that you would be willing to share with REECAP? 

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REECAP participation to the French public debate on the future of the CAP

Date: 2020-08-12; Image: (c) ImPACtons!

The great public debate on agriculture, organised by the National Commission for Public Debate (NCPD) since February 2020, and aptly called "ImPACtons!" is being relaunched after a few months of interruption due to the health crisis. 

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REECAP replication project webinar.

Date: n/a; Image: (c) REECAP, The James Hutton Institute

A replication is any study whose primary purpose is to (i) determine the fragility or robustness of previous research findings, and (ii) identify why studies reach different conclusions on the same subject.

Date: Monday, October 19, 2020 (10.30 am-12.30 am CET).

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REECAP 2020 webinar: slides on-line

Date: 2020-08-12; Image: (c) Marianne Lefebvre

If you could not join us on the 1st and 2nd of september, you can visit the 2020 Webinar page and have a look at the slides presenting new experimental results relevant for agricultural policy (on-going research - not yet published) around two main themes: Nudging and framing for environmental ambition and Ex-ante evaluation of CAP new designs with discrete choice experiments.

Funding REECAP activities

Date: 2020-10-05; Image: (c) Alliance Europa

REECAP board has received a grant supporting international network, funded by Alliance Europa.

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Reading recommendation: How can experiments play a greater role in public policy? Twelve proposals from an economic model of scaling

Date: 2020-08-12; Image: (c) Cambridge University Press - JBPP

By Omar Al-Ubaydli, Min Sok Lee, John List, Claire Mackevicius and Dana Sunskind

Behavioural Public Policy 2020, 48 pages, doi:10.1017/bpp.2020.17

How to make sure that the encouraging conclusions obtained from small scale randomized controlled trials  can be carried forward to policy-makers without the risks of misguiding them into the wrong direction? This article puts forward 12 simple proposals spanning researchers, policy-makers, funders and stakeholders, which can help to address the scalability issue. It has a double virtue: it helps researchers to improve the quality of their research by pinpointing the situations when experimental results deserve to be communicated with greater care; and, by highlighting and acknowledging a number of research biases, and proposing to correct them, it also contributes to improve the credibility of well-conducted research. Although most examples are drawn from the education and health experimental literature, this article is of course extremely pertinent for REECAP members.

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Registration for the REECAP webinar 2020 is now open

Date: 2020-07-13; Image: (c) REECAP, The James Hutton Institute

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, REECAP will have its annual meeting as a webinar on the 1st and 2nd of September. The registration is now open and free of charge! 

Reading recommendation: The publications of the European Network for Rural Development

Date: 2020-07-03; Image: (c) ENRD

ENRD serves as a hub for exchange of information on how Rural Development programs are working in practice. Some REECAP members are practicioners in charge of RDP evaluation and are engaged in ENRD. 

REECAP Worging Group 2 will attempt to create bridges across our two communities. 

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Reading recommendation: "Transparent and Reproducible Social Science Research - How to Do Open Science"

Date: 2020-07-03; Image: (c) Garret Christensen, Jeremy Freese and Edward Miguel

This new volume presents an exhaustive overview of emerging research transparency practices. They will be promoted within REECAP thanks to Working Group 1 activities.  

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Funding REECAP activities

Date: 2020-07-03; Image: Public domain

REECAP board has submitted a proposal for a grant supporting international network, funded by Alliance Europa. 

Next step will be the application to a COST action (October 2020). We are still looking for more practitioners to join the network. 

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REECAP work for 2020-2021 has started

Date: 2020-07-03; Image: Public domain

Thanks to your responses to the survey last April, we have constituted three working groups with a total of 41 contributors.  

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