Angers 2017

During the workshop, methodological challenges associated with the use of experimental approaches to evaluate agricultural policies will be discussed. Instead of an open call for paper, we have invited researchers or people working close to policy makers to present their work and shed some light on one or two of these methodological challenges. Other participants will have the opportunity to present their on-going projects and ideas during the workshop  through different activities (round-tables, world café, debates and discussions following presentations by invited speakers…). We believe that this format will allow more indepth discussions and will help us to build a productive working group on experimental approaches for agricultural policy evaluation. 



How to choose the best format within the portfolio of economic experiments? Going from the lab to the field

S. Thoyer, R. Préget, A. Rozan

Replicability and generalizability of economic experimental results

M. Espinosa (first document); M. Ferré (second document)

Using economic experiments for agricultural policy evaluation in Lower Saxony, Germany

F. Thomas

Designing DCEs to inform incentive-based schemes: lessons learned & challenges ahead

K. Glenk

Online versus face-to-face: quantifying interviewer bias in DCE surveys

U. Latacz-Lohmann

Towards launching RCT in Europe

U. Morawetz; Y. Raineau

Round tables: synthesis of discussions

1. How to recruit farmers as participants to economic experiments?

Synthesis of notes taken during the round table

Presentation by F. Thomas

Presentation by U. Latacz-Lohmann

Presentation by F. Gramond

2. How to present economic experiments to research funders and policy makers?

Synthesis of notes taken during the round table

Summary of world café

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Scientific committee

Local organizing committee: Marianne Lefebvre, Monique Bernier, Serge Blondel, Thomas Coisnon, Marianne Lumeau, Masha Pautrel, Damien Rousselière, Marjorie Tendero

Venue: Maison de la recherche Germaine Tillion, 5 bis boulevard Lavoisier


Header image by Beverly Rodriguez on, Unsplash License