Origins of Sin is an adult high fantasy/dark roleplay sim in the world of Second Life.

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Life upon the world of Sincadere started as a diversion, an experiment, ordained by the amusement of the divine pantheon. Mortal beings, the humans, were bestowed with the precious gift of magic, alongside a solemn decree, a Law to guide their path:

"Do not misuse this gift that we share with you, use it with a clear mind and pure heart. A selfish mind and dark heart will destroy you." 

​​Yet, as time unfurled, the Gods withdrew their celestial presence. Their abandonment cast a shadow over Sincadere, as mortals grew complacent and their reverence for the sacred law waned. And so, the Great Cataclysm ensued, consuming lives, reducing once-mighty kingdoms to fractured remnants. Disillusionment claimed the hearts of the native humans that once flourished within the embrace of an empire now lost.

In Helheim, cautious steps were taken in recent days, as the denizens gingerly embraced limited employment of the mystical arts. Tentatively, they tested the boundaries of what was permissible, grappling with their disillusionment, and finding glimpses of hope amidst the wary dance with magic. Yet, in stark contrast, there existed those who, enticed by the dark allure of boundless power, chose a darker path that led them to Cabbala Amartia. Bound by shadowed purpose, they reveled in the depths of forbidden sorcery, seeking dominion over the realm. And across the vastness of the sea a primal beat throbs, the Skull Coast's tribal manner and mystical intrigue might whisper to you, to your peril or to your boon....

Now, in the year 2149 A.o.S, of this fractured world inhabited by many creatures and peoples, we find ourselves standing upon the precipice of uncertainty. A realm sundered by the loss of its glorious past, burdened by the tumultuous echoes of unstable magics severed from the embrace of the ancient Gods. Within these fractured lands, conflicts of ideology and purpose ensue.