We trust that you will all behave and not get into trouble so we have come up with a few rules to follow by.

N2U Anime Convention General Rules

The Official N2U Rules. Breach of these rules results in loss of membership and expulsion from the convention. N2U reserves the right to refuse admission to the convention. By accepting your bracelet and or pass, you agree to comply to these policies and do not hold us liable. Any damage done will result in all involved parties being required to pay the cost of any property damages suffered by individuals, N2U and/or the hotel.

Behavior: N2U is a no smoking, no drugs, no alcohol convention. If it is illegal outside the convention, it’s illegal inside the convention. If you do break a law, the police will be contacted. We will have our security deal with those problems in conjunction with the police.

Please be careful enjoying large quantities of caffeine and sugar. If you are too under the influence of any chemicals,natural or otherwise you will be asked to calm down and possibly be removed from the convention.

Aggressive behavior can be disruptive and even cause harm to unsuspecting targets or bystanders being jostled in a crowded space. Please do not "glomp" anyone without asking permission first. If you harass, stalk, assault or 'glomp' other people or make other attendees feel uncomfortable in any way it will be considered harassment.

Do not promote or encourage behavior that is threatening, embarrassing, hateful, libelous, racially or ethnically insulting, or otherwise inappropriate to other attendees.

Dance respectfully and do be cautious – don't abuse glow sticks. There is no tolerance for topless-ness, male or female at anytime.

Other things that will not be tolerated: -Panhandling (begging for money, with or without performing music or other entertainment) Signs that advertise services in exchange for goods or other favors (ie "Will Glomp for Pocky", Hugs for $1) are not allowed.

All acts of vandalism will be dealt with and may involve the police. -Shoplifting and stealing (theft) will be dealt with through the dealers, us and the police.

Leave the sound, lighting and video equipment alone. We are using a variety of lighting effects this year. Be advised that some lighting effects can cause seizures.

Please adhere to posted signage. All rooms don't allow food and drinks.

Security and Staff: will be wearing distinctive markings. If you need any assistance just ask, if you see any problems, Please make us aware of them, So we may fix them.

No scents make sense: Do not wear perfume and please remember deodorant. Smoking near outdoor entrances is frowned upon. Careful with hair spray or aerosol cans, Please use them outside or in a empty washroom, as some people are allergic and irritated by the contents.

Laser pointers are not harmless toys-they are capable of inflicting serious eye damage. Use of laser pointers are forbidden.

Your convention bracelet and/or pass is proof of your membership and must be worn at all times to guarantee admission to convention events.

Washrooms are gender specific to you, not your character.

Please use waste receptacles and keep the convention areas clean.

Do not bring bicycles, skateboards, heelies, scooters, roller blades, roller skates or any other types of motion vehicles into the convention besides necessary wheelchairs.

Do not organize your own events which may disrupt the programming of N2U or the enjoyment of other convention attendees. If you want to run any official events at N2U you need prior consent from N2U first.

Seating is first-come, first-served. Due to fire regulations, sitting in aisles and seating beyond the room's capacity may not allowed. We are bound by law to strictly enforce this. Do not block entrances, sit down in hallways or obstruct the flow of people through the convention area. Please be mindful of loitering in areas of high traffic. Please remember talking during program materials is disruptive to other attendees.

A parent or guardian must accompany children under 13 at all times. Parents and guardians are responsible for the well-being and behavior of all the minors in your care. Parents or guardians must be 16 yrs of age or older. N2U reserves the right to refuse admission to function rooms to those under the rooms minimum age limit during there event whatever the content may be. Bracelets and or passes: MUST be worn at ALL times visible on you, no exceptions. In order to guarantee admission to convention areas and events, do not remove your bracelet and or pass. Any signs of tampering will result in the band and or pass being cut and the price of admission being charged to you once again. -The bracelets and passes are very durable. You can get the bracelets wet (regular, chlorine and salt water) and they won’t fall apart. They’ll easily survive the weekend. -If you are going to a function (or even if you are hosting one), you must have a bracelet or pass. You can’t get into N2U for free just because you only want to be here for “a little while” or you’re “helping a friend”.

Mobility Access: There will be special seating in the main function rooms, as well as front of the line and/or early entrance privileges when appropriate. N2U will not be responsible for attendant care. If you do not need an attendant, or already have one, you are welcome to be a Volunteer as well. If you have a physical or mental handicap and feel you might need help, just ask. While we be able to anticipate or accommodate almost every request, we will do everything possible to ensure all reasonable requirements are met. -Only service animals are allowed in N2U convention space. No other pets are allowed due to allergies. Photography/Media: DO NOT take media of the anyone WITHOUT permission first. Expulsion from the convention can result. Photography of original artwork in Artists’ Alley is not allowed without permission of the artist. Photography of all other aspects of the convention is allowed, as long as it does not disrupt events or the flow of traffic and the subject matter does not object. Please be considerate and ask first before taking pictures of guests, convention staff, other attendees or the general public. You have the right to reject photography and the use of other media devices towards your person. It is illegal to capture the anime being shown.

Media representatives may be at the convention, so let them do their thing in peace. Like all attendees they must ask permission to use their media devices.

Dealers’ Room and Artists’ Alley: Due to safety issues, N2U will be following strict guidelines for entry to the Dealer Room where appropriate. These include: restricted admissions, time limits, early entry for those with Mobility/Access memberships and any other measures necessary to ensure safety. -You must have a bracelet or a pass to enter any of the convention area, including the Dealers' Room. -Shoplifting and stealing (theft) will be dealt with through the dealers, N2U and the police.

Gaming Room: Respect all equipment everywhere and be forewarned that if you break it you buy it. -Please place board game pieces back into their boxes so others can enjoy the game too. Please treat the games with proper respect or you will be asked to leave. If you have a disagreement, consult the rules. If it the problem continues, we suggest settling with a die roll off.

Manga Library: Try to be quiet, if you find a new friend, speak him/her outside the room. -There will be no food or drink, no roughhousing and you cannot leave the room with a manga. Adult material will be restricted to the 18+ area. ID may be requested if you look underage. -Please hand in an important ID card or a deposit for insurance (collateral). ID may be requested if you are suspected of identity subterfuge. -Use a bookmark when you have to pause and never leave the manga face down and open. -Please don't damage the manga in anyway shape or form like bind breaking, ripping, “dog ear”-ing, smudging, colouring in the graphics and all other types of vandalism. These pristine mangas belong to someone else and she has the power to expel you from the convention and hold your collateral in lieu of payment for damaged goods.

Hotel Guidelines: A credit card number is required to confirm a reservation. If you do not have a credit card available, a cash or money order deposit will be necessary upon room check-in. If the credit card holder will not be staying in the hotel room (i.e. if your parents make the reservation for you), then they must sign a form at the check-in to take responsibility for any damage resulting in the room. There must be at least one adult of legal age (18 years +) staying in the room. No minors will be able to stay at a hotel without adult supervision. -Appropriate action will be taken in the case of attendees who are found to be in violation of hotel rules for use of guest rooms. -Do not exceed the maximum occupancy per hotel room. This is commonly known as "Room Stuffing". Hotel management has the right to evict anyone who is not registered with them as a guest from guest rooms. -Do not charge admission to any room party serving alcohol with or without a liquor license or serving alcohol to minors. If this is found out, legal action will be taken. -Do not sell merchandise out of private hotel rooms.

Cosplay: When cosplaying, it is your responsibility to understand these extra policies and abide by them: -If you are planning on wearing any sort of replica weapon or large prop (staff, etc.) at the convention you must get it approved first due to space restrictions. -Cosplayers with costumes that are bulky, difficult to maneuver, restrict vision, have mascot-type heads, projecting shoulders or otherwise present possible safety issues for the wearer or those they come in contact with are asked to travel with an unencumbered escort (someone in no costume or one without any restricting features) when moving through high-traffic public areas of the con. If no escort is available, you may be asked to return the costume to your hotel room or car, or remove and safely carry the portions of your costume causing concern. -Costume elements that may be offensive (such as too much skin showing) or disruptive wear are not welcome and anyone wearing them may be asked by N2U staff to be modified.

Cosplaying Signage: Clearly understood and recognizable signage as a part of a cosplay costume (ie Gendo Panda signboard, Menchi with a list of nutritional info) will be allowed -Signs that serve reasonable purpose (ie. advertising an event, showing a group where to meet that has been authorized by N2U) are okay. -T-shirts with slogans that would be unacceptable on a sign are also unacceptable and the wearer may be asked to change or cover up the slogan if they wish to remain in convention space.

Weapons’ Policy: -No live firearms and no replicas of contemporary firearms. -No prohibited weapons (as defined by Canadian Laws). Examples include (but are not limited to): Bali-Song ("butterfly knife") or switchblade/dropblade style knives; Nunchucks, Tonfas, Shurikens, or similarly restricted Martial Arts Weapons, which are illegal under the Criminal Code of Canada; or Law Enforcement items such as Batons, Tazers or Mace. Also included are brass knuckles, nightsticks, or other items that qualify you as armed under the Criminal Code of Canada. -No metal weapons this includes swords, knives daggers and other weapons regardless whether it is blunt or edged, and whether it is sheathed, wrapped or covered. -All weapons must be holstered, sheathed or slung in an appropriate and approved fashion. -Projectile weapons of any sort, including but not limited to guns, bows, bolas, shuriken, sling shots, water pistols, and Nerf items, regardless of if they can fire projectiles, are banned. All involved parties will be required to pay the cost of any property damages suffered by individuals, to N2U, to the dealers and/or the hotel. -Explosives or chemicals of any kind including, but not limited to, smoke powder, stink bombs, sparklers, and fireworks aren’t allowed either.

NO Food or drink allowed in event space as per our contract with the venue.

Hallway Cosplay Contest Rules

Come sign up at the contest table by registration between 11:00am to 2:00pm on Saturday October 6th. Judges will be wondering around starting at 2:00pm. They will stop you to ask questions about your cosplay. Here will be a ceremony at 7:00pm at main stage to announce the results. The only rules are that your Cosplay must conform to the convention rules (weapons and clothing) if you get kicked out of the convention you are out of the contest.


So do you want to get in on this action? Of course you do. Here is the information, what we have this far is:

RULE #1) Do NOT ask to reserve a Table before August 15 2018.

We will not accept any table reservation before then. If you try, you will be ignored and you will NOT get a table. We will be sorting all table requests by time received and any that arrived before August 15 2018 will be deleted.

Rule #2) If you want to sell, you should email and reserve a space on August 15 2018, or later.

Your Subject line for this email must be:


If you can't get that right you will lose your place to someone else who can.

In the body of the email we need to know your first and your last name. Your full name. That's all. If you want to write more go ahead. Write us an entire novel! However, if you don't include your first and last name at the top of the email then you will lose your place to someone else who did.

Space is limited and when all the tables are taken a small stand-by list is will be made.

Rule #3) You will be instructed where to wait with your stuff, once the room is ready you will be called in. If you are not right there, ready with your stuff, when your name is called then you get bumped! Someone from the standby list will take your place.

Rule #4) At the Nominoichi sellers will pay a fee of $25 for the table.

Rule #5) At about 6:00pm the doors will open to the public, so be ready. At about 8:30pm the room will close, and you have until 9:00pm to clean up and get out.


Short Answer = YES.

We don't really care if two, or ten, or more, of you want to group together and share a table. Please don't tell me the names of all the members of your group. What we want is only one person to become the"group contact." This one person should be able to follow all the rules and should be the only person to request a table from your group. The group contact will be the only person from your group we will deal with directly.