Gaming Rooms

Try your hand out in our console gaming room either it be from a classic game system or from one of the new generation consoles or you can just dance the day/night away at one of our Just Dance systems. It's all about having fun.

If your hands and dancing feet are not about you why not put your mind to the test and join one of our Role Playing Games sessions. We will be offering a few different games throughout the weekend. Some you will need to preregister for. We will make the forms available for these games as soon as they are finalized.

Once the games are finalized we will post them in the schedule page and open registration for them. If we have a large response for one game we may run 2 sessions to meet demands and we will notify you of which session you will be in.

If you would like to be a game master for a game session please fill out the form below please keep in mind all games will have a max running time of 3 hours .

We do offer compensation for Game Masters please see RPG Gaming FAQ's