Musical Guests

The Junkyard Jam features radical rhythms on rubbish. Junkyard Symphony jams with the audience along to the beat of the junk. The only language spoken is the language of rhythm. Volunteers get to dance the Macarena, shake shakers, do the limbo and have a ball! The best part, however, is that after the show, volunteers get to come up and jam on the junk drums.

Don't miss out on the Junk come and see them October 6 2018 @ 15:30 at the Main Stage

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Junkyard Symphony is a enviro-entertainment company that performs an amazing junk percussion/comedy/circus show. Junkyard Symphony strives to promote environmental health and awareness through educational and extraordinary entertainment using old ordinary objects that would otherwise be sadly destined for the junkyard. But to Junkyard Symphony, however, these objects are terrific treasures that can be reused for an even greater purpose.... creating lots of big smiles! Be prepared for a radical ride of rapid rhythms, awesome antics, tons of talent, and plenty of participation.

Junkyard Symphony has been entertaining since the summer of 1992 , and has traveled from Halifax to Hong Kong spreading over a MILLION smiles, a TRILLION laughs, and their environmental message, to....Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rock!

DJ Raiden

Come dance the night away with DJ Raiden Saturday October 6 2018

Spinning tunes in the flavors of JPop, Anime OST's, and House

Listen in for more details.