Q: Nominoichi?

A: Nominoichi = A Japanese Flea Market.

Q: So who is selling?

A: Regular attendees. People who bought a weekend badge, or even a one-day badge. There might be some staff and Volunteers there too.

Q: Sell what exactly?

A: Anime Stuff. This one is hard to answer. It includes, but is not limited to, DVD's, Art Books, Manga, CD's.

Q: Can I sell stuff like in the Artist alley?

A: No.

Q: I still want to sell other things, what else can I sell at the Nominoichi?

A: You are persistent.

To be clear: the Nominoichi is for the sale of licensed anime merchandise of all types. Both new and used items of anime merchandise are acceptable. The Nominoichi is not a part of the artist alley, and the artist alley is not a part of the Nominoichi. Therefore, homemade arts and crafts are not suitable for the Nominoichi.

Q: Is that it?

A: No, we will allow Japanese Manga and Doujinshi. These are not technically licenced, but we will allow them. However if you want to sell anything else, and it is NOT a licensed anime product, you must email n2u and let us know what it is.

Q: So is it all used stuff?

A: Probably. However, if you have some "new" things and you want to sell them then go ahead.

Q: So is it all anime stuff?

A: Yeah, Anime stuff can be a bit hard to define, but our common sense will apply. If someone is selling something non-anime we will ask them to remove it. If you want to sell something and are unsure if it is "anime enough" please ask first.

Q: So what will not be there?

A: Bootlegs and Fansubs. Don't even try. Same for weapons or props with a metal blade.

Q: So how much stuff will be there?

A: We have no idea, that all depends on what people bring and how many people bring stuff. We have 30 tables for this year.

Q: How much will the stuff cost?

A: Again, that is up to the sellers to decide, it is their stuff to sell. However if you're nice, and willing to deal, perhaps you can get a bargain.


Q: How big are the tables?

A: Six feet long by three feet wide. (6' x 3')

Q: How many chairs do we get?

A: 2 per table.

Q: If I am part of a group of sellers do we each pay $25?

A: No. The fee is $25 per table. Not per seller.

Q: Can I request more then one table?

A: No.

Q: But what if I am group contact for, like, 30 people?

A: Wow, well in that case… NO!

Q: I really wanted an artist alley table, but I did not get one this year, can I sell my homemade arts and crafts at the Nominoichi?

A: You really are not paying attention, the answer is NO.

Q. Can I sell 18+ items?

A: Yes you can HOWEVER you are to make sure that all items are presented in a PG way. YOU must also ID anyone buying 18+ items to make sure they are 18+.


Do plan on doing it by yourself or with your friends, do not ask our staff to help you bring your stuff in, set it up, or take it down.

Do bring all that you need, do not ask me, or the person next you, for some extra tape or markers to make price tags or signs (you really should have all that done before you get in the room.)

Do bring lots of change and small bills. Do not ask me, or the person next you, for help to break a $20.

Do have an exit plan. Do not ask me, or the person next to you, to watch your stuff if you go the washroom.

Do keep an eye on your stuff. Do not expect security to protect it for you.

Finally, try to keep things priced at whole dollars. Forget the $1.50 make it $1 or $2. (That one's not a rule exactly, but it is some good advice.)

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