Making The Dreams Come True

Naru2u started off in November 14-16 2008 at the Travel Lodge Hotel on Carling Ave, in Ottawa Ontario, Canada

Naru2U was founded by the owner of Naru's Sound and Lighting, Michael "Naru" Zwicker, after the announcement that the Ottawa area convention AC-Cubed was taking a one-year break. Naru's Sound and Lighting, having provided a large portion of AV equipment to AC-Cubed, was contacted by numerous interested parties proposing for a convention to fill the void during AC-Cubed's one year hiatus. With the successful first year of Naru2U and the subsequent announcement that AC-Cubed would not be returning to the Ottawa area convention scene, Naru2U had grown from a one-time convention to a permanent yearly fixture in Ottawa.

Naru2u 2009

October 9-11 2009

Naru2u 2009 was our first year running 3 days, with the addition of Friday as the extra day. It was also our only edition held in October.

Naru2u 2010

November 12-14 2010

We changed our name from "Naru2u" to "N2U" as fans were getting us confused with just being a "Natruo" only convention. As much as we like Natruo we also like all the other anime as well.

N2U 2011

November 18-20 2011

This was the year the we introduced the VIP package that allowed you Friday entry to the dealers room and a full color copy of our program book as well as other VIP only events.

N2U 2012

November 16-18 2012

N2U 2012 now becomes the longest running Anime and Gaming convention in Ottawa. We gave out a $500.00 bounty prize from Fabric Land to the Masquerade winner.

N2U 2013

November 1-3 2013

This was the year that we had the most guests ever. Man what a show this was. Talk about going out in style with all those Sailor Moon voice actors.

N2U 2014


N2U 2015


N2U 2016


N2U 2017

Planing begins to bring back N2U!

N2U 2018

October 5,6,7 2018

Ottawa Conference & Event Centre

200 Coventry Road, Ottawa

Hope to see you all there.

The Current Dream

will be at the Ottawa Conference & Event Centre , 200 Coventry Road Ottawa, October 5,6,7 2018.

We look forward to seeing everyone again, making this one of the best show yet to come.