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RPG Gaming FAQ's

Player's FAQ's

Q: How do I sign up for a preregistered game?

A: We will have a form to be filled out for the preregistered sessions once they are confirmed.

Q: The session I want to play says open session what does that mean?

A: This means you can go and play with out having to register for the session.

Q: I would like to run a game session what do I need to do?

A: Fill out the RPG Game Master Event form.

Q: If I have to leave a session what will happen?

A: If you have to leave a session that is fine, just notify your game master. I'm sure the Game Master can find a horrifying and gruesome way to take out your character for you or if the Game Master pleases someone else can take over in a heroic leap of faith.

Q: Does it cost money to play or preregister for a game session?

A: Well we take payment in gold and silver maybe even in game currency but seriously NO just need a convention pass.

Game Master's FAQ's

Q: Can I get money back from being a game master?

A: Yes you can get some money back from being a game master.

Q: How any sessions do I need to do to get money back?

A: This will depend on how many hours in total you have done in confirmed sessions.

Q: What do you mean by confirmed sessions?

A: Confirmed sessions will be ones that are up on the master schedule at a set date & time & you are present at said session.

Q: We have like 3 game masters running the session do we all get compensation?

A: No we only compensate one game master per session you will have to choose who gets the compensation.

Q: Since I'm preparing stuff before the convention for the session does that count towards the hours done?

A: No as we have no way to verify those hours done we can not. We have given a higher % per hour to compensate for this.

Q: What’s the compensation structure for so-many-hours done?

A: Below is a list showing what you can receive in compensation for so many hours done.

Saturday/Sunday Compensation:

1-2 Hours:

15% off preregistration membership

2.5-4 Hours:

20% off preregistration membership

4.5-6 Hours:

25% off preregistration membership + T Shirt

Q: What if I'm coming in just to do this one session and nothing else?

A: Talk with Naru Zwicker to work it out.